Author: Matt Corey

West Coast Wind Blog: Sudden mystery Larkspur Eddy leads to…

 An autopsy of an East Bay wind crash!  by Mike Godsey If you were on the water near Pt. Isabel on May 28 or 29th at 3:30PM you remember those days well. If not take a look at this wind graph

Draft about marine layer lifting.

West Coast Wind Blog: The heat is on…

Weak winds for Southern California and the Bay Area with eddy woes! by Mike Godsey, Below is the Bay Area forecast for this weekend. Not very promising for most of the Bay Area and Southern California also has little

West Coast Wind Blog: Death of a Catalina Eddy and then….

NW winds move to the Southern California coast! by Mike Godsey, mike AT The Catalina Eddy is often a wind killer for strong westerly winds on the Southern California coast. But when the North Pacific High’s surface NW winds

West Coast Wind Blog: A battle between a strong Catalina Eddy & powerful NW ocean winds…

The fate of the Southern California coast winds hinges on the victor and I guarantee that these 2 winds will not kiss and make up! by Mike Godsey Today, May 14, we saw a remarkable battle between two locally strong

West Coast Wind Blog: Understanding isobar maps using a topographic map analogy.


West Coast Wind Blog: Mild marine surge gives way to….

Huge North Pacific High dominates the pacific. by Mike Godsey Nice marine surge and SW flow underway today! Remember when that used to happen in July? In the top image today (below) you can see the SW flow over the

West Coast Wind Blog: The North Pacific High returns bringing…

Westerly winds for the Gorge! by Mike Godsey So do you have a boss? Someone who rules a small part of your life? Well if you are a Gorge, California,  Hawaiian or Baja kiter or windsurfer the real boss is 2500 miles

West Coast Wind Blog: The BOSS returns!

Wimpy marine surge retreats and the North Pacific High lords over the pacific! by Mike Godsey, Doesn’t it drive you crazy? So often our forecasts prattle on about weather events happening hundreds or even thousands of miles away or hundreds or

West Coast Wind Blog: Southern California rocks. The Bay Area dozes. The Gorge drips…

…As the North Pacific High takes an extended early spring vacation to the south. by Mike Godsey Compare the wind graphs for Waddell, normally one of the windiest spring sites in the Bay Area with Leo in Southern California.  Notice have about