Author: Matt Corey

Rio Daze: The right stuff…

Add eddy, SW flow aloft, pressure gradient to N. Great Basin and the Central Valley and step back! by Mike Godsey Below is some imagery I will turn into a blog later. Right now I am preparing to hit the

Now that is an Eddy!

Weighing at 10X the size of the Golden Gate eddy… meet the Bodega Eddy. by Mike Godsey On many recent days we have been cursed or blessed by the tiny Golden Gate just west of the Gate. Cursed if you ply

No Catalina Eddy for Southern California this morning…

Uh oh! Fast ramp up of a Catalina Eddy. by Mike Godsey One of the many things that makes Southern California forecasting difficult is the unpredictability of the Catalina Eddy. If there is an eddy then the Southern California coast

Fast paced changes for the North Pacific High

NW winds ramp up then down. by Mike Godsey

West Coast Wind Blog: Cut-Off Low dies, NW winds build

Watch as an upper trough sucks up a Cut-Off Low. by Mike Godsey In this first animation we are seeing the Cut-Off Low at ≈ 18,000 ft. that is currently west of Southern California. Cut-Off Lows are called such since

West Coast Wind Blog: Huge windless blob gives way to fall North Pacific High

Endless Cut-Off Low kills surface wind then ejects… NPH fills in.   by Mike Godsey (If all you care about is the coming NW wind skip all this jargon and imagery and scroll down to the bottom animation!) Considering it