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Early Morning Eddy

By Weatherflow Meteorologist Kerry Anderson This morning the satellite got a great shot of a small eddy that formed just south of Santa Cruz island. With the seasonal marine clouds that have covered the Bight this morning it is easy

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Marine Layering or lack there of busts 1st forecast.

OBX Cranks 3/26/15 Instead Of Disappointing Tim Kent 4/23/15 1st East Coast shift back in the forecaster chair or in my case couch-no excuses. Pretty straightforward synoptic scenario with a Warm front lifting back up the coast in advance of approaching

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What to do when the models take a personal day???

What to do when the models take a personal day??? Regarding the SE Coast Saturday/Sunday July 5th and 6th Tim Kent  7/30/14 Preface this discussion with the fact that weather forecast models are a wonderful tool that at least on

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Video: Upper trough, inbound from the pacific, hits Gorge and Bay Area June 2.

Decreasing temps and increasing clouds marine layer and SW wind aloft. by Mike Godsey,

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Sea Breeze Coupling for inner RI Waters and Buzzards Bay

Quite common in the early summer setups are these high pressure surface ridges that just… barely…nudge…. off.. the… coast.    People don’t believe me when I say yes there are situations with Rhode Island will see stronger winds than Cape

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Watch North Pacific High being crushed towards California coast.

So strong NW wind in the Bay Area coast. by Mike Godsey,  

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Strong sea breeze engine in northern Narraganset Bay.

The cold water temps of this Spring are producing quite a strong engine for thermal assisted sea breezes.   One area the typically is a firecracker for the sea breezes is the inner passages for Rhode Island.   Today I

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Seesaw pattern … strong easterlies Sunday while westerlies rush back Monday.

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La Ventana

Sea Turtles of La Ventana Bay Sea Turtles have existed for millenniums and yet in our short life time we may be both witness to and culpable for their extinction. With each new hatching there is new life and new

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La Ventana: Heritage

  Our Movie | Sea Turtles of La Ventana Bay NATURAL HERITAGE AWARENESS PROGRAM TELESECONDARY SCHOOL #10, EL SARGENTO, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, MÉXICO About the NHAP The Natural Heritage Awareness Program began in May of 2008 to bring about to the students an

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