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Non-Consolidated North Pacific High vs Consolidated

I mentioned in my forecast this morning that the North Pacific High would get a bit more consolidated by this afternoon.  However, today is not characterized by a consolidated North Pacific High.  This first image, a surface map, shows a

Severe weather in the Northeast

Thunderstorm season in the Northeast US is off to an eye opening start after yesterday’s severe weather outbreak. A strong squall or line of thunderstorms passed through MA down to NJ in the late afternoon and evening bringing damaging winds

Early Spring Cold Weather Sea Breezes in the Northeast

         Early Spring Cold Weather Sea Breezes in the Northeast                                                      

Southerly storm winds dominate the week.

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Week Overview January and February saw a strong ridge of High pressure sitting over the West coast.  Consequently the West saw an early start to steady Northwesterly winds along the coast.  Well as quickly as

West Coast Wind Blog: Dec. 5, 2017. Huge high pressure creates powerful easterly winds

Ventura fire, Gorge, Bay, SoCal, Baja winds! by Mike Godsey Today we are seeing unusually strong late easterly winds over much of the west coast from the Gorge to the Sea of Cortez. These winds are stirring unusual late season

West Coast Wind Blog: “I don’t sail at Viento so why should I care about the new Viento sensor…”

Because Planning, Swell Size, Fades, Directions… by Mike Godsey, How to use the Viento sensor: 1. Most days the winds build at Viento before reaching the Hatch, Swell, Event Site launch sites. So the Viento sensor gives you an

West Coast Wind Blog: Hurricane Irma… a little diversion from west coast winds.

Strongest Atlantic Hurricane ever in recorded history? Updated Wed. Sept 6, 2017 by Mike Godsey, mike AT   Update: This first video is the eye of Irma with average winds of 185 mph Tuesday Morning. Fox News has declared that

Eclipse Weather

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson After listening to my daughter’s description of her total eclipse experience I regret not making the effort to get myself in position to be in the path of totality.  Instead my experience included trying to

West Coast Wind Blog: Modeled vertical wind profile of Hurricane Harvey

Below is an animation of the wind patterns of Hurricane Harvey on Friday Aug. 25 as modeled by the ECMWF.

The 2017 Cape Verde Season Begins

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson 8/3/17 Tropics Update: The Cape Verde season is getting underway…with the NHC 8AM update giving a strong tropical wave coming off of Africa (#Invest99L) a 30% chance next 48hrs for development….and a 60% chance next