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Omega Block Followed by Fall Temps to the East

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson 9/20/2016 The Polar jet is starting to show a couple of strong dips from the north as we head into fall. Two Rossby waves (jet stream dips) are shown forming here that creates what is

Invest 99L 7:00PM Update 8/24/16

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson Here is my 7:00PM tropical update on Invest 99L.   Shea Gibson WeatherFlow Meteorologist/Wind Forecaster SE Region/East Coast/Tropics New Stations Projects & Outreach Twitter: @WeatherFlowCHAS

2016 Tropics Update: Eastern Atlantic Basin Becoming Active

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson As we head into the last half of August, we typically begin to see the Atlantic basin become more active along the ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone) and other areas such as the Caribbean and Gulf

Wet Macroburst in Chandler, AZ shows 116mph winds.

By WeatherFlow Meteorologist Shea Gibson Ever been in a thunderstorm and a sudden burst of strong winds and rain comes down at the same time? This is called a “wet microburst”, which packs quite a punch when it comes to

Quiet in the Atlantic Basin? Don’t Get too Complacent.

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson Written on 7/18/2016: Tropics Update: We started the late spring somewhat active along the SE United States and western Caribbean for the Atlantic Hurricane Season 2016. Don’t forget – we had an early storm in

Tropical Storm Bonnie Update

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson Latest update from 9:30PM, Saturday May 28, 2016 (apologies clipped myself bottom right out due to resolution change in output).  

Is El Niño finished?

by WeatherFlow Meteorologist Shea Gibson As many now, we had quite a strong El Niño develop in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean as Sea Surface temperatures soared to 3.1°C above normal (tying the previous record from 1997).  Normal is considered

Mysterious E/ENE undercut in spite of solid W/SW’rlys around Duxbury 5/9

Mysterious E/ENE undercut in spite of solid W/SW’rlys around Duxbury 5/9 Tim Kent 5/16/16 A day like many other spring days with Low pressure spinning well to the North of the region scheduled rotate a short wave through the region

El Niño weakening. What does this mean for the SE/East Coast for winds?

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) values suggest that El Nino region 3.4 is cooling. Current anomalic value is at +2.076, which means that El Nino is now showing signs of weakening as Sea Surface Temps there have fallen the

WSW’rly jetting out of Long Island Sound 10/20

Analysis of WSW’rly Low Level Jet along the Long Island Sound the morning of 10/20/15 Tim Kent Forecast for the day called for moderate to strong SW/WSW’rly flow early on for much of the New England region, but with back