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West Coast Wind Blog: East and West winds at the same time on the Columbia River

How can that happen? by Mike Godsey Check out today’s Gorge forecast. Strong Easterly and strong Westerly winds along the Columbia? Since winds are largely driven by pressure gradients how can you have two different pressure gradients at the same

West Coast Wind Blog: Dec. 5, 2017. Huge high pressure creates powerful easterly winds

Ventura fire, Gorge, Bay, SoCal, Baja winds! by Mike Godsey Today we are seeing unusually strong late easterly winds over much of the west coast from the Gorge to the Sea of Cortez. These winds are stirring unusual late season

West Coast Wind Blog: The North Pacific High pushes a ridge into the Basins so…

Powerful easterly winds rip Rooster Rock. by Mike Godsey, Mike AT We have already seen one strong east wind event this fall and that event had devastating consequences for the Eagle Creek fire causing it to sweep from Eagle Creek

West Coast Wind Blog: 2017 Gorge daily fire expansion map.

  “Smoke on the water” is a phrase that normally brings excitement to Gorge sailors & kiters… but not this time! by Mike Godsey, mike AT Below is a map I prepared using our sensor data and a fire

West Coast Wind Blog: Gorge fire explodes Sept 13, 2017

Yesterday I had to drive to PDX so I missed the very strong Hatch winds. But I dropped by the Hatch mid day to check out the wind just as the 10+ day fire went crazy just west of Stevenson

West Coast Wind Blog: Hurricane Irma… a little diversion from west coast winds.

Strongest Atlantic Hurricane ever in recorded history? Updated Wed. Sept 6, 2017 by Mike Godsey, mike AT   Update: This first video is the eye of Irma with average winds of 185 mph Tuesday Morning. Fox News has declared that

Eclipse Weather

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson After listening to my daughter’s description of her total eclipse experience I regret not making the effort to get myself in position to be in the path of totality.  Instead my experience included trying to

West Coast Wind Blog: Dome of upper high pressure brings heat and…

Calm Gorge Winds, Sparse Bay winds and Strong Southern California coast winds. And what about Hurricane Harvey? by Mike Godsey You have probably seen graphics like the one above from the Portland Press Herald during a heat wave. This is a

West Coast Wind Blog: Decoding the Hatch and Swell Bluff Reports…

Your tool at times when the sensor is not accurate. by Mike Godsey, mike AT You have probably noticed that the Swell City sensor often reads inaccurately especially in the morning. This is because the only location for a

West Coast Wind Blog: Rex Block brings…

Endless heat and brown skies to the Gorge… comes to an end tomorrow! by Mike Godsey, mike AT My banner above shows the almost daily view of the Hatchery from my house the last 2 weeks. The smoke is