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West Coast Wind Blog: Late summer storm winds hit Gorge

How often do you see forecasts like this in the Gorge? I mean we do sometimes do see summertime low to mid 30’s but what is with all the VERY GUSTY AND UNSETTLED….UNRELIABLE stuff. Well the winds Benjamin is forecasting

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West Coast Wind Blog: Old North Pacific High fades while new NPH develops

The pacific weather pattern is a mess! Any veteran windsurfer or kiter, whether from the Gorge, Bay Area, California coast or Southern California or even Hawaii, will attest that this has been a weird summer season. The proximal cause of the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Dissection of how the Gorge wind goes from MILD to WILD.

Inbound shortwave deepens marine layer and jacks up pressure gradient. Compare Crysta’s forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. How can conditions change from limp winds to upper 20’s   overnight? First let’s review what is causing the current limp winds by looking

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Upper level high pressure creates surface low pressure… what is happening here?

How expanding low pressure impacts Southern California, Bay Area and Gorge winds. “There’s something happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear” Buffalo Springfield Sometimes meteorology seems to jargon ridden to wind seekers that it is hard to figure out

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Is Your Name Eddy?

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson This morning one of our spotters on Catalina Island took the following series of photographs of the marine layer and reported that from his position at Two Harbors that it appeared that the marine layer was

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Cut-Off Low ejects over next 24 hours and Gorge and Bay winds improve.

Watch as Cut-Off Low opens up into an upper trough then exits the West Coast. You are used to hearing about the passing upper trough that pass over the west coast and occasional upper ridges that bob around from the

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Low pressure systems break Gorge wind machine… then good news and bad news.

New NPH prepares to bully its way to the coast Wednesday but wind quality may suffer. Today Wednesday Aug.12: The winds are picking up as forecast in the corridor but there are several issues that may limit the wind distribution and make for exceptionally up and

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Gorge winds fade as upper trough/upper low push NPH away from our coast.

With the NPH far from the coast of the Pacific Northwest the Gorge loses a critical part of its wind machine The wind machine that creates the Gorge’s strong winds is a multipart system. Some parts are small scale geological

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Dissection of a convection enhanced blast at the Hatch, Aug. 2, 2015

Sometimes we mention convective clouds in the forecast but often they have no impact on the wind. Yesterday they DID! by Mike Godsey, Yesterday, Aug. 2,  mid day saw lots of high thin clouds over the corridor with mild somewhat

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Bay Area Wind Blog: NPH ridge kills winds: Gorge and Bay Area

Heat producing ridge kills most sites but Jones Beach and Bay sites near coast still see wind. by Mike Godsey, All signs point to a real warm up and light wind forecast for the Gorge and most the S. F.

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