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Gorge and Oregon coast winds April 11

North Pacific High:  why the coast and the Gorge ripped yesterday. by Mike Godsey, let’s take a quick look at the big picture behind yesterdays wind on the Oregon coast and in the Gorge. First, the simple concept of Gorge

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Gorge: Strong West wind yesterday, Strong East wind today.

How can the wind blow 20 to 30 knots WEST Sunday and 20-30 knots EAST Monday?  by Mike Godsey To understand this crazy 180 degree switch in wind direction you have to look at the big picture. Take a look at the video of

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Fluky Conditions in VA

Just caught a good example in the VA area of conditions that reflect two of my staple bullet points in synoptic setups such as the one we are seeing today.  (*Heads up for fluky conditions / shifty directions as each

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Autumn Storms into the Pacific Northwest

Record Breaking Fall Storms Autumn has wasted no time in asserting a cold wet hand on the Northwest this September.  The last two weekends of the month contained stormy weather, especially near the Coast. During three days, September 28-30,  a

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Cold Front

    Below the upper trough you see in this video from 11:15 today, Sept. 20 is the cold front that is creating strong SW wind just aloft and at Sherman Island. Tomorrow will see showers in the North Bay as this feature

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Cut-Off Low

Cut-Off Low compacts North Pacific High against coast setting the stage for strong wind in the Bay and the Gorge. by Mike Godsey, In this video BELOW we are seeing satellite imagery from 7AM this morning. The sensors on this satellite

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Analysis of a Pacific Northwest Marine Surge

Some marine surges are easy to track because the fog actually curves into the Lower Columbia River and you can basically watch the surge take place.  At other times the upper ridge is bringing crushing heat and the fog can’t

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Wild, wet Gorge westerlies … why?

5 Sept 2013 – Columbia River Gorge – The forecast today calls for building strong and very gusty westerlies amidst abundant rain showers and thunderstorms. Why so? Notice the following slide …

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Poor August winds and upper level high pressure by Mike Godsey, Perhaps you have noticed all the cranky comments perhaps brought on by the mostly crappy August winds. So for diversion let’s take a look at some of the major

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Cut-Off Low dies

Celebrate or lament the death of the August 17 to 22 Cut-Off Low? by Mike Godsey, The formation of Cut-Off Lows are fascinating and you can see this one being created by scrolling down through recent blogs. But today, August

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