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West Coast Wind Blog: The BOSS returns!

Wimpy marine surge retreats and the North Pacific High lords over the pacific! by Mike Godsey, Doesn’t it drive you crazy? So often our forecasts prattle on about weather events happening hundreds or even thousands of miles away or hundreds or

West Coast Wind Blog: Southern California rocks. The Bay Area dozes. The Gorge drips…

…As the North Pacific High takes an extended early spring vacation to the south. by Mike Godsey Compare the wind graphs for Waddell, normally one of the windiest spring sites in the Bay Area with Leo in Southern California.  Notice have about

West Coast Wind Blog: Long battered by storms passing to the north…

North Pacific High lords over the Pacific this Sunday! by Mike Godsey This first animation from the blog I posted last Sunday shows the North Pacific High taking a beating from a succession of wintry storms NW of the

West Coast Wind Blog: North Pacific High crushed and departing…

No, this is not the title of a romance novel but rather it explains the coming weak wind weekend. by Mike Godsey So after today, Friday 14 the S. F. Bay Area and Southern California will see weak winds while

West Coast Wind Blog: Anatomy of a Southern California…

Strong wind day on the coast by Mike Godsey If you look at the wind maps this afternoon for the S.F. Bay Area or Southern California you will be struck by how weak the winds are today. Yesterday a potent

West Coast Wind Blog: Far afield for a quick look at…

Super Cyclone Debbie by Mike Godsey, Pretty windy in much of the S. F. Bay Area today. But Kerry, one of the Weatherflow Bay Area meteorologist, has family near Airlee Beach Australia and it is really windy in that area today

Winter arrives and the North Pacific High departs while…

Storms dominate northern pacific by Mike Godsey, mike AT Remember this summer when the North Pacific High dominated the waters between the west coast and Hawaii? Back then wind most days was a given. So where did the Southern California,

Big East winds in western Gorge created by….

Major wintery storm off the coast. by Mike Godsey, mike AT There are a number of causes of east winds in the Gorge. The most common cause in early fall is the departure of the North Pacific High from

Washington/ Oregon Seeing a Powerful 1-2 Punch this Weekend.

By Weatherflow meteorologist Shea Gibson Washington and Oregon have been seeing some very strong winds and dangerous conditions since yesterday and into today. The strong wind belt aloft known as the “North Pacific Jet” (NPJ for short) is taking a

Hurricanes: Friends and Foes.

Warm water friend, Topography Foe. by Mike Godsey, mike AT Hurricane Newton has been sliding up Baja’s Sea of Cortez the last few days and passed near La Ventana and Los Barriles will few reports of damage despite strong winds and