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Bay Area Wind Blog: Monsoonal clouds arrive Friday.

Since the extent and distribution of the clouds and possible showers is unknown the wind forecast is iffy by Mike Godsey,

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Dolores has more coming

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson Here in Southern California we are once again in a very unusual pattern for summertime as we watch the flow from the south bring up subtropical moisture.  All week Dolores, now a Tropical Storm, has been

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Bay Area Wind Blog: Anatomy of a long range marine surge forecast.

Lots of the signs of a marine surge towards the weekend. What could go wrong? In one word: Dolores. by Mike Godsey, It all looks so simple in the top animation. The winds are NW today and tomorrow and turn

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Atypical Summer Weather Patterns for the Southland

by Meteorologist, Kerry Anderson May grey and June gloom has turned into more of the same, now that we have hit July .   The marine clouds that are a regular feature of Southern California’s weather in early summer are persisting

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Oh Say Can You See

By Meteorologist Kerry Anderson Happy 4th of July everyone.  I am sure most of you spent the evening celebrating by watching a fireworks display.  This is what I saw this evening near my home here in Southern California.  After about

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Bay Area Wind Blog: WTH is Monsoonal moisture?

A visual guide: What’s with those dirty thin clouds above the marine layer clouds. by Mike Godsey, Yesterday Ben did a great job showing the impact of the current monsoonal pattern on Southern California so today I will cover the Bay

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Monsoons are for the South Pacific, right?

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Benjamin Miller: So, we’ve all heard about the monsoons that bring flooding rains to the South Pacific and southeast Asia.  But that’s it, right?  Monsoons don’t impact the U.S., do they?  Well, that depends upon how you

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An inside look: Autopsy of a blown Southern California coast wind forecast.

The gory details. by Mike Godsey, I know it sometimes looks like we ignore occasions when we totally blow forecasts. But actually we are acutely aware of our errors and when the mistakes are really big we work together to figure out

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Catalina Eddy brewing

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson Today we have been watching as a Catalina Eddy has developed.  This morning we had hints that there was some circulation brewing just off Catalina.  The conditions are right with moderately strong Northwesterly winds being pushed

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Excuses, excuses….

Fog induced local sea breezes defy forecasting. by Mike Godsey, There is one pattern for which models and all empirical data can not begin to forecast. Like I said in today’s forecast if the fog buries the coast then

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