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Crazy strong Gorge East winds and El Norte winds for Baja…

High pressure blankets mid USA creating strong pressure gradients. by Mike Godsey, Tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 8, 2016 will see very strong east winds in the western Gorge to Portland while Baja’s East Cape sees significant El Norte winds. Surprisingly

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Winter arrives and the North Pacific High departs while…

Storms dominate northern pacific by Mike Godsey, mike AT Remember this summer when the North Pacific High dominated the waters between the west coast and Hawaii? Back then wind most days was a given. So where did the Southern California,

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Southern California winds: Santa Ana winds continue into afternoon so…

Typical wind reversal and strong beach winds may not happen. by Mike Godsey, mike AT UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Check out all the weasel words in the Sept. 23 forecast and the extended forecast. Why was this and today’s forecast so iffy? The

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Hurricanes: Friends and Foes.

Warm water friend, Topography Foe. by Mike Godsey, mike AT Hurricane Newton has been sliding up Baja’s Sea of Cortez the last few days and passed near La Ventana and Los Barriles will few reports of damage despite strong winds and

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The creation of a Golden Gate eddy

  Subtle synoptic changes have major impact on Bay Area wind distribution. by Mike Godsey, If you work the waters north of the Bay Bridge you have seen plenty of strong if sometimes gusty days this season. But if you are

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Caps On – Caps Off

By Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson A large dome of High pressure has covered California this week.  The descending air creates a cap on the atmosphere, keeping cooler boundary layer air from escaping.  Along the coast the descending warmer air squashes the

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San Diego Southerly Smash

So, San Diego isn’t exactly known for its wealth of wind.  This is especially true in the summer.  But today is an exception!   Just how has this happened? We’re seeing strong NW flow across the far outer waters of

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Wet Macroburst in Chandler, AZ shows 116mph winds.

By WeatherFlow Meteorologist Shea Gibson Ever been in a thunderstorm and a sudden burst of strong winds and rain comes down at the same time? This is called a “wet microburst”, which packs quite a punch when it comes to

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The big picture of the eastern pacific on a strange day

The video for today July 10 shows what a major North Pacific High looks like on a typical April and July and September day. by Mike Godsey, mike AT In April the NPH is often huge and is often interacting with

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Part 1: When Big Eddie comes calling the doors closes on Coast, Coyote and 3rd. Ave.

 Combo of late season storms and early season tropical storms favors NNW ocean winds & southerly eddy flow. by Mike Godsey, Take a look at the wind graph to the right for June 13.  The channel sensor is blowing

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