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Waiting for the sunshine and winds. Still waiting…

by Meteorologist,  Kerry Challoner Anderson Let’s play the children’s game of finding what is the different about the two pictures above.  Well it won’t take you too long to notice that there has not been much change in the clouds

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No Catalina Eddy for Southern California this morning…

Uh oh! Fast ramp up of a Catalina Eddy. by Mike Godsey One of the many things that makes Southern California forecasting difficult is the unpredictability of the Catalina Eddy. If there is an eddy then the Southern California coast

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Is El Niño finished?


by WeatherFlow Meteorologist Shea Gibson As many now, we had quite a strong El Niño develop in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean as Sea Surface temperatures soared to 3.1°C above normal (tying the previous record from 1997).  Normal is considered

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Yet another Cut-Off Low out in the pacific but…

This Cut-Off Low spawns a surface storm that shoves the North Pacific High’s winds to the Northern California coast. by Mike Godsey Recent days have seen light winds at most sites in the Bay Area as well as clouds and

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Why does today’s forecast call for: “STRONG, SHIFTY, GUSTY sometimes UNRELIABLE wind”

The answer is way aloft! by Mike Godsey In yesterday’s blog I talked about why I expected strong NW wind on the Northern California coast today as the North Pacific High was nudged closer to the California coast. At the time

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A tiny shift in the North Pacific High makes a big change in the winds.

Passing upper low bumps NPH towards the west coast so NW winds rip! by Mike Godsey The California coast has seen several days of relatively mild winds as the North Pacific High has held a ridge towards the Pacific Northwest. This

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May Grey brings Winds our Way.

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson The Marine Layer has been the starring attraction of our forecasts the last few days. I know I have devoted a lot time determining the depth of the layer, how far it will move inland

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A “Guesscast” about the return of solid NW ocean winds to the Bay Area

Last week in my blog I made a tentative guesscast that strong NW wind would return this coming Sunday. I am sticking to my guesscast with winds beginning to build late this coming Saturday and peaking Sunday & Monday.  

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Inverted! Is it an old school windsurfing or kiteboarding trick?

Early arrival of summer type dense marine layer. by Mike Godsey Dawn today in coastal Southern California or S. F. Bay Area found dense fog almost to the surface. These type of marine layer clouds are usually typical of June Gloom

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7 days in the life of a Cut-Off Low and then…….

  Old Cut-Off Low lows and yet another evolves north of Hawaii. by Mike Godsey I will be adding more text to this animation. Each shift in this animation is a new day at ≈ 18,000 ft. The counter-clockwise spinning

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