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El Niño Wind Prediction for the US East Coast.

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson. What is El Niño and how will it affect our East Coast wind pattern? El Niño is basically the warming of the equatorial Pacific. Specifically for the effects it causes us in the United States, it’s the warming

Joaquin continues to surprise.

‬ By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson. Joaquin is now a hurricane and could very well become a major hurricane in the next day or so.  As of 8am this morning on September 30, 2015, winds are up to 75mph and pressure

Déjà vu in the Carolina’s.

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson As I prepared a forecast for this evening, I thought “this seems too familiar”. It’s not like anything is really that off key for this time of the year as we head into our fall-like

Hurricane history in the making.

Unusual hurricane pattens in Hawaiian and Cabo Verde Islands. Take a look at the animation below of the 4 hurricanes currently transiting Hawaiian waters south of the North Pacific High. Never in recorded history has there been 4 hurricanes at

SAL-ty Atlantic: The Saharan Air Layer Part III

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson. As a quick recap, The Intertropical Convergence Zone where tropical storms form, or the “ITCZ”,  is heavily impacted by the Saharan Air Layer (or “SAL”), which is a dust layer off the western African coast along the lower

SAL-ty Atlantic: The Saharan Air Layer Part II

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson For SAL-ty Atlantic Part I of this series, please see: For SAL-ty Atlantic Part III of this series, please see: So far, the Atlantic Season has seen two named storms: CAT 2 Hurricane Arthur – 

SAL-ty Atlantic: The Saharan Air Layer

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson 6/25/14 See part II of this series here: See part III of this series here: The “Dusty Tongue” of the Sahara keeps the northern ITCZ and Eastern Caribbean dried out through June 2014. The Saharan

Baja Guide

Baja Guide Links: Home  | Human Forecasts | FAST forecast | Why Baja blows | Feedback: Baja forecast | Model forecasts | Road Rules |  Driving Down | Baja wind | Windy sites | Food & Water | Camping| Resorts | Money, insurance, pets | Hurricane Diary | Zoom Baja Maps | Windless days | East Cape driving maps | Wireless & Internet | Fish/Surf | Baja photos | Support local businesses | La Ventana turtles The Daily Human Wind Forecast for La Ventana and

Fluky Conditions in VA

Just caught a good example in the VA area of conditions that reflect two of my staple bullet points in synoptic setups such as the one we are seeing today.  (*Heads up for fluky conditions / shifty directions as each

Found the Front!

    I just had to capture this image.   It’s always a mystery on these summer days on the OBX where that pest of a frontal line is going to be and today was no exception.   Just checked