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Hurricane history in the making.

Unusual hurricane pattens in Hawaiian and Cabo Verde Islands. Take a look at the animation below of the 4 hurricanes currently transiting Hawaiian waters south of the North Pacific High. Never in recorded history has there been 4 hurricanes at

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West Coast Wind Blog: Old North Pacific High fades while new NPH develops

The pacific weather pattern is a mess! Any veteran windsurfer or kiter, whether from the Gorge, Bay Area, California coast or Southern California or even Hawaii, will attest that this has been a weird summer season. The proximal cause of the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Monsoonal moisture and clouds coming over Southern California.

Upper level high pressure sweeps moisture from the Gulf of Mexico over Old and New Mexico to Southern California. Looking aloft today you will see scattered high clouds but over the Southern California deserts the clouds are much more dense.

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Upper level high pressure creates surface low pressure… what is happening here?

How expanding low pressure impacts Southern California, Bay Area and Gorge winds. “There’s something happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear” Buffalo Springfield Sometimes meteorology seems to jargon ridden to wind seekers that it is hard to figure out

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Is Your Name Eddy?

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson This morning one of our spotters on Catalina Island took the following series of photographs of the marine layer and reported that from his position at Two Harbors that it appeared that the marine layer was

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West Coast Wind Blog: Plume of tropical moisture from Hawaiian waters hits California.

Clouds over Central Valley and Southern California deserts may take edge of pressure gradient.

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Bay Area Wind Blog: A mess in the Pacific

Very tricky forecasting but the Bay Area keeps on blowing by Mike Godsey, The funny thing about Bay Area wind it that upper teens to low 20’s wind always feels about the same to your kite or sail even when

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El Nino Saves the Day…or Does It?

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson With drought conditions worsening here in the southwest the hope is that the strengthening El Nino portends the onset of significant rainfall this winter.  I have heard talk about the “double El Nino” and I have been

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Bay Area Wind Blog: Monsoonal clouds arrive Friday.

Since the extent and distribution of the clouds and possible showers is unknown the wind forecast is iffy by Mike Godsey,

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Dolores has more coming

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson Here in Southern California we are once again in a very unusual pattern for summertime as we watch the flow from the south bring up subtropical moisture.  All week Dolores, now a Tropical Storm, has been

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