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West Coast Wind Blog: Gorge fire explodes Sept 13, 2017

Yesterday I had to drive to PDX so I missed the very strong Hatch winds. But I dropped by the Hatch mid day to check out the wind just as the 10+ day fire went crazy just west of Stevenson

West Coast Wind Blog: Hurricane Irma… a little diversion from west coast winds.

Strongest Atlantic Hurricane ever in recorded history? Updated Wed. Sept 6, 2017 by Mike Godsey, mike AT   Update: This first video is the eye of Irma with average winds of 185 mph Tuesday Morning. Fox News has declared that

West Coast Wind Blog: Tropical Storm Lidia makes for fast changing wind forecasts.

Wind patterns change fast for the Bay Area and Southern California. by Mike Godsey, mike AT As the remains of Tropical Storm Lidia moved from Baja waters to west of the Southern California Bight it shook up the wind

West Coast Wind Blog: Dome of upper high pressure brings heat and…

Calm Gorge Winds, Sparse Bay winds and Strong Southern California coast winds. And what about Hurricane Harvey? by Mike Godsey You have probably seen graphics like the one above from the Portland Press Herald during a heat wave. This is a

West Coast Wind Blog: Different images of eclipse

Here are some different views of the eclipse. First are 3 animations I made from satellite imagery. The second two photos show the eclipse’s light as it filters through leaves and illuminates asphalt driveway.   Mike Godsey  

Eclipsing the Winds

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Today is the big day for astronomers and amateur observers.  Eyes will be turned toward the heavens to view the solar eclipse – that is if you have the right protective glasses. Fortunately the latest

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West Coast Wind Blog: West Coast “Eddy” vertical analysis of the wind

by Mike Godsey, mike AT     Looking at the top animation of the surface winds from Sunday through Monday it looks like we transition into an unusual wind event for the Bay Area to Southern California regions starting

West Coast Wind Blog: Heat bubble expands over Belmont to Seal so up and down winds but…

Leo and Cabrillo are spared for different reasons. Hey Mike,  Long time no talk. Hope all is well and you’re having a great summer. I thought I’d share a weather thought from today’s very strong winds for Leo Carrillo. I’m not

West Coast Wind Blog: Low pressure off California…

Battles with subsidence from crushing high pressure heat wave. by Mike Godsey, mike AT A marine surge is arriving either tomorrow Friday or Saturday AM at the latest. These animations show some of the variables involved.  

West Coast Wind Blog: The heat is on…

Weak winds for Southern California and the Bay Area with eddy woes! by Mike Godsey, Below is the Bay Area forecast for this weekend. Not very promising for most of the Bay Area and Southern California also has little