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West Coast Wind Blog: Far afield for a quick look at…

Super Cyclone Debbie by Mike Godsey, Pretty windy in much of the S. F. Bay Area today. But Kerry, one of the Weatherflow Bay Area meteorologist, has family near Airlee Beach Australia and it is really windy in that area today

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West Coast Wind Blog: Fast moving storm front…

Strong SE storm winds rake the Bay Area…briefly. by Mike Godsey Here some imagery of the rapidly developing and fast dying winds that are currently hitting much of the Bay Area. You can see why I am forecasting these winds

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West Coast Wind Blog: Why no NW clearing winds after yesterday’s storm?

The North Pacific High’s surface NW winds are siphoned off towards the Pacific Northwest by Mike Godsey So it is beach meteorology folklore that after a spring storm that the skies clear and the S. F. Bay Area has strong

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Crazy strong Gorge East winds and El Norte winds for Baja…

High pressure blankets mid USA creating strong pressure gradients. by Mike Godsey, Tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 8, 2016 will see very strong east winds in the western Gorge to Portland while Baja’s East Cape sees significant El Norte winds. Surprisingly

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Winter arrives and the North Pacific High departs while…

Storms dominate northern pacific by Mike Godsey, mike AT Remember this summer when the North Pacific High dominated the waters between the west coast and Hawaii? Back then wind most days was a given. So where did the Southern California,

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Washington/ Oregon Seeing a Powerful 1-2 Punch this Weekend.

By Weatherflow meteorologist Shea Gibson Washington and Oregon have been seeing some very strong winds and dangerous conditions since yesterday and into today. The strong wind belt aloft known as the “North Pacific Jet” (NPJ for short) is taking a

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Bay Area Wind: Brown Skies and late local sea breezes mean…

High pressure overhead crushing marine layer clouds. by Mike Godsey, mike AT I took the banner photography above while flying in a Coast Guard helicopter during a September heat wave day several years ago. Notice the brownish tint to the skies above

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Bay Area Winds: Rare September Cut-Off Low brings…

SE winds from ocean buoys the East Bay . by Mike Godsey, mike AT I got a text from Gorge sailor Greg M. at 2:30PM today Tuesday Sept. 13 Just landed at SFO after circling for an hour. And a

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S. F. Wind: Late season marine surge

Part 1 : Rare Sept. marine surge could develop overnight. by Mike Godsey, mike AT Looking at Mark’s extended forecast for tomorrow Thursday Sept. 8 there is a mention of southerly flow along the coast. I have been watching

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Hurricanes: Friends and Foes.

Warm water friend, Topography Foe. by Mike Godsey, mike AT Hurricane Newton has been sliding up Baja’s Sea of Cortez the last few days and passed near La Ventana and Los Barriles will few reports of damage despite strong winds and

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