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Caps On – Caps Off

By Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson A large dome of High pressure has covered California this week.  The descending air creates a cap on the atmosphere, keeping cooler boundary layer air from escaping.  Along the coast the descending warmer air squashes the

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Wet Microburst in Chandler, AZ shows 116mph winds.


By WeatherFlow Meteorologist Shea Gibson Ever been in a thunderstorm and a sudden burst of strong winds and rain comes down at the same time? This is called a “wet microburst”, which packs quite a punch when it comes to

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Bay Area weather: Why the long run of the Mutt & Jeff Eddy show?

Blame it on the winds aloft! by Mike Godsey, mike AT For old timers the strong WSW winds of recent weeks north of the Bay Bridge see like a blast from the past. And if you have been a

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The big picture of the eastern pacific on a strange day

The video for today July 10 shows what a major North Pacific High looks like on a typical April and July and September day. by Mike Godsey, mike AT In April the NPH is often huge and is often interacting with

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Part 1: When Big Eddie comes calling the doors closes on Coast, Coyote and 3rd. Ave.

 Combo of late season storms and early season tropical storms favors NNW ocean winds & southerly eddy flow. by Mike Godsey, Take a look at the wind graph to the right for June 13.  The channel sensor is blowing

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What happens when Eddy calls in support from aloft?

Day and night southerly ocean winds rule!   by Mike Godsey, Update at 5PM Saturday June 2: Here is a satellite animation of the huge eddy I forecast when I did the blog below Thursday evening. Thursday May 30: See the sensor in

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Why are Sherman dawn winds weak today?

Too much of a good thing! by Mike Godsey, mike AT Doesn’t it drive you crazy when the evening forecast is for low 20’s dawn wind at Sherman Island and then the 7AM forecast and the wind graphs shows

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Today an eddy dominates Southern California and tomorrow the Bay Area winds. Why? Upper level winds! by Mike Godsey, mike AT Imagery and text coming for Bay Area and Southern California. Turbines will  be spinning to southerly winds in the interior

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Please explain why/ how wind at 18,000 feet effects the ground wind..?

I was hoping no one would ask that question… by Mike Godsey, mike at Posted: 09 Jun 2016 17:35 U2U2U2 wrote: I’m not a meteorologist . Please explain why/ how wind at 18,000 feet effects the ground wind..? Hi U2U2U2,

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Rio Daze: The right stuff…

Add eddy, SW flow aloft, pressure gradient to N. Great Basin and the Central Valley and step back! by Mike Godsey Below is some imagery I will turn into a blog later. Right now I am preparing to hit the

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