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Bay Area Wind Blog: The life and death of Eddy.

 SW flow fades, NW wind ramps up by Mike Godsey, The Bay Area has seen several day of SW flow and the waters from Treasure Island northward to Sherman Island have rocked with southerly winds in the low to

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Bay Area Wind Blog: Video: 3 day forecast roller ride SW to NW

Eddy rules, dies, and NW winds rule. by Mike Godsey, I will add text to this blog as I fine tune the forecast. But the 3 part video gives the you the big picture about today through Monday.

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Bay Area Wind Blog: Huge Eddy and atypical marine surge.

SSW wind through Muir Bay & Gate focuses San Pablo Bay robbing Sherman Island of peak winds. by Mike Godsey, Forecast note at 7AM today: “As the marine surge ramps up the flow will first be diverted into Napa

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Bay Area wind blog: Marine surge countdown.

Today vs. Tomorrow: The isobars tell the story. by Mike Godsey, The 2 key players in the Bay Area summer winds are the North Pacific High’s NW winds and the Central Valley thermal. Today and especially tomorrow the NW

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Bay Area weather blog: Atypical marine surge?

North Pacific High ridge, eddy & upper low may trigger a marine surge. by Mike Godsey, Last Sunday in the extended forecast I issued a Marine Surge Watch for this Friday. This is my jargon to give you a heads

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Combo of SW surface flow and SW winds just aloft…

Rio Daze winds at Sherman Island. by Mike Godsey, In the summer the Bay Area often has a wind pattern I call a Combo day.  On these days we see a mixture of NW andSW wind in which brings wind to much

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The making of a “Combo day” with SW and NW flow

These are the days that almost every Bay Area site gets a fair share of wind! But…. by Mike Godsey, Remember those endless days  of SW flow last week that were the bane of the coast and most of

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The Thursday Waddell forecast: bust or boom…

The sensor reading says the winds ramped up to a useful range. But… by Mike Godsey, mike (at) Update 7AM Friday: Feedback was that the Waddell forecast for late winds was spot on! Whew! If you look at the

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The “small picture” suggests days of ripping NW wind. But…

The “BIG picture” suggests, not! by Mike Godsey, Funny, forecasting is a lot like growing up. As a kid you can only focus on the obvious. As you mature your world expands. When I first started forecasting I looked

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Praying for a bad forecast since…

We need the Waddell winds to RIP! by Mike Godsey, mike at I am hoping this turns out to be one of my worst forecasts ever and the winds RIP the entire contest time. But… As forecast the North

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