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What the hell is a ridge?

Whatever it is the ridge will impact the wind and weather in the Bay Area, the Gorge, Southern California and even Baja today. by Mike Godsey, Today the Bay Area some sites will see mild upper teens wind at best, Southern California will have morning

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Current North Pacific High dies then new NPH arrives

Where does the North Pacific High go when the NW winds fade? by Mike Godsey, Strong NW winds are a frequent visitor to the Northern California coast in the spring and early summer. These winds appear when the North Pacific High locates closer

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Spring North Pacific High

Despite an El Nino, a weird winter and abnormally high sea temps the NPH is behaving normally today. by Mike Godsey, Well this winter saw weird weather in windsurfing triangle from Maui to the Gorge to Baja. And the Bay Area

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Bay Area: Weak NNE winds aloft.

Why does the wind sometimes arrive early and other times later? by Mike Godsey, In recent years is has become common to read about NE to NEE winds aloft over the Bay Area in the morning. Usually this observation is

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Understanding Baja winds

Baja Guide Links:  Home  | Human Forecasts | FAST forecast | Why Baja blows | Feedback: Baja forecast | Model forecasts | Road Rules |  Driving Down | Baja wind | Windy sites | Food & Water | Camping| Resorts | Money, insurance, pets | Hurricane Diary | Zoom Baja Maps | Windless days | East Cape driving maps | Wireless & Internet | Fish/Surf | Baja photos | Support local businesses | La Ventana turtles   The Baja Peninsula is 760 miles long with

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Autumn, geese and North Pacific High depart to the south.

NW winds fade on the California coast. by Mike Godsey Its that time of year. The average location of the NPH drops south of the Bay Area and focuses west of the Southern California coast. And in the coming weeks

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North Pacific High takes refuge in winter vacation home.

San Carlos, Baja Norte is center of the wind universe. by Mike Godsey, Ever wondered where the North Pacific High goes to when it abandons the California coast in late fall? Sometimes it just disappears from the pacific but more often it

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Battered North Pacific High sulks west of Southern California and Baja

So NW clearing winds between storms. by Mike Godsey, As you know the waters between California and Hawaii are dominated by the clockwise winds of the North Pacific High most of the summer. But as winter approaches huge counter-clockwise spinning storm systems like the one

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Hawaii and hurricane Ana…

Trade winds give way to Hurricane winds.  by Mike Godsey, Hurricane Ana currently a modest hurricane SW of Hawaii should have at least 75 knot winds by this weekend. And it’s modeled trajectory has it coming right over Maui. The

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Watch North Pacific High retreat in the face of a wintry storm system.

NPH’s wind turn from NW to NNW and Bay Area winds weaken. Then southerly storm winds. by Mike Godsey, At the beginning of the video  notice the date of Oct 11 and how the North Pacific High dominates the lower 2/3 of

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