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West Coast Wind Blog: Upper trough approaches and Sherman roars…

But deep marine layer and SW flow brings weak winds to Southern California and most of the Bay Area! by  Mike Godsey, mike AT Low 20’s winds have blown a Sherman Island much of May 23, 2018. We have

Kite Surfer Rescue

by Weatherflow Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Last night I was out walking near sunset, checking out the marine layer development north of Santa Cruz, California when I noticed a Kite Surfer struggling to make it back to shore. The winds

West Coast Wind Blog: Local low pressure and eddies:

Good eddy, bad eddy. by Mike Godsey, mike AT There are several scenarios for creating micro to mesoscale eddies. Two of the more common factors is a very localizeed low pressure area and wind shear as wind rounds a point

Waves arriving from Down Under

by Weatherflow, Meteorologist Kerry Challoner Anderson A cold outbreak for Eastern Australia has not only meant that I am preparing this from under the warmth of some extra blankets but also has brought record wave heights, epic winds for Wind

West Coast Wind Blog: Rio Rips but mild gradients to Sacramento and Redding but…

Strong pressure gradient to the Great Basin! by Mike Godsey So we all learned in on-the-beach meteorology 101 that the pressure gradient to Sacramento is critical in Sherman Island winds. Then in advanced beach lore you may have heard that

West Coast Wind Blog: First eddy of the year brings…

Southerly winds at the ocean buoys! by Mike Godsey Strong NNW winds from the North Pacific High blow just west of our ocean buoys today but with low pressure to over the far North Bay and weak NNW winds aloft

West Coast Wind Blog: Most of the check boxes are checked for a marine surge today but…

Pressure gradient to N.Central Valley vs. gradient to Bakersfield limits southerly surge winds. by Mike Godsey Hi cTuna, Funny you should ask! Looking at the thermal trough along the California coast and the low pressure off Arcata conditions almost looked

West Coast Wind Blog: Classic high pressure vs low pressure setup today…

This should mean strong winds for most of the Bay Area and Southern California, but… by Mike Godsey Take a look at my forecasts for today, April 19, for the Bay Area and Southern California. Both forecasts call for strong

West Coast Wind Blog: Prolonged NW clearing winds are rare this spring…

Southerly storm track and surface ridges are the culprits. by  Mike Godsey, So far this spring there has been lots of passing storms but rather sparse NW clearing winds in the wake of storms. Part of the problem is that

Picking the Right Model

Yesterday’s forecast was a tough one so I made sure to check back this evening to verify.  We know we may not always be exactly right and so the process of verifying helps us to learn and improve and also