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Kentucky Lake Incident 9/12/15

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson On Saturday, September 12, 2015, a friend of ours at iKitesurf named David Saunders had a kiteboarding accident on Kentucky Lake and was willing to share the story with us for educational purposes – very admirable I

Is Your Name Eddy?

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson This morning one of our spotters on Catalina Island took the following series of photographs of the marine layer and reported that from his position at Two Harbors that it appeared that the marine layer was

Oh Say Can You See

By Meteorologist Kerry Anderson Happy 4th of July everyone.  I am sure most of you spent the evening celebrating by watching a fireworks display.  This is what I saw this evening near my home here in Southern California.  After about

Synoptic flow regime and the sea breeze

by meteorologist Nick Luchetti   In the summertime you’ll almost always see the forecasters at WeatherFlow mention in their forecasts the possibility for afternoon sea breeze development.  At first glance, the sea breeze appears to be a simple phenomenon, but

We are Sensing Lake Effect Snow

by WeatherFlow Meteorologist Kerry Anderson We’ve all been watching for the last 72 hours as parts of Upstate New York are being buried under mounds of snow.  Nearly 36 inches have fallen in the past 72 hours.  While this has

Typhoon Vongfong as seen from ISS Flyover

by Weatherflow Meteorologist Kerry Anderson [youtube] Here is an incredible view of Super Typhoon Vongfong as the Internation Space Station passed overhead on October 9, 2014. At that time the storm was at the height of its strength with

How to do a basic San Carlos, Baja forecast

Using the models. by Mike Godsey, There are 2 problems for using the computer model forecast tables you see all over the web for isolated areas like PSC. 1. None of the models for that area “see” the local

Baja Guide

Baja Guide Links Daily Human Forecast Home  | Why Baja blows | Feedback: Baja forecast | | Road Rules |  Driving Down | Where to go. | | Food & Water | Camping| Resorts | Money, insurance, pets | Hurricane Diary | Windless days | East Cape driving maps | Fish/Surf | Baja photos | Driving down Baja this season? Be sure to see all the updates with close

Fluky Conditions in VA

Just caught a good example in the VA area of conditions that reflect two of my staple bullet points in synoptic setups such as the one we are seeing today.  (*Heads up for fluky conditions / shifty directions as each

Autumn Storms into the Pacific Northwest

Record Breaking Fall Storms Autumn has wasted no time in asserting a cold wet hand on the Northwest this September.  The last two weekends of the month contained stormy weather, especially near the Coast. During three days, September 28-30,  a