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West Coast Wind Blog: Anatomy of a forecast wipeout for Santa Barbara to Ventura.

by Mike Godsey, Yesterday, Wed. August 14,  2019 I really blew the Isla Vista to Ledbetter forecast and Ventura went over the mid-teens forecast. True, I did warn of “much stronger winds than forecast if the Gaviota eddy died”

West Coast Wind Blog: Eddy what eddy? Trying to forecast the invisible.

by Mike Godsey, As you all know the location, thickness and movement of the marine layer clouds are critical in making the winds at every site in the San Francisco Bay Area. The same is true in forecasting. The

West Coast Wind Blog: Pismo Beach wind and fog, the last mile.

by Mike Godsey, Forecasting for Pismo winds in the summer is very tricky and we are slowly learning the complexities of this area. Here are some of our baby steps up the Pismo forecasting learning curve. The marine layer clouds

West Coast Wind Blog: Eddy, 950mb. winds and Bodega

by Mike Godsey, On this day the WF-WRF barely showed a hint of an eddy. The NAM surface had a better hint. But, as I have noticed again and again for larger elongated eddies, the 950 & 975 NAM

West Coast Wind Blog: Gorge and Bay Area wind and weather go bonkers!

Gorge version by Matt Souders & Mike Godsey You may have noticed that the wind and weather has gone a bit bonkers at times this year for much of the west coast. You’re not wrong – the data backs up

West Coast Wind Blog: Forecasting UP AND DOWN Gorge winds.

A Slack discussion: Learning to recognize a pattern for very up and down winds in the Columbia River Gorge by Matt Sounders & Mike Godsey windfind 4:36 PM Here is a animation I am working on to help explain the UP

West Coast Wind Blog: Inside Golden Gate wind rages while calm just outside.

by Mike Godsey,, I took the helicopter photo in my banner above on a day when it was nearly calm at Pt. Diablo just outside the Golden Gate’s north tower. But the strong NW aloft were buffeting the

West Coast Wind Blog: Blame it on the Kid. Part 2, the aftermath.

by Mike Godsey, In Part 1 of this blog, Blame in on the kid I wrote about how unusual this season has been due in part to an El Nino pattern.   And for the west coast, El Nino

West Coast Wind Blog: Blame in on the kid: Gorge winds weaken: Part One

  by Mike Godsey, Here is part 2 of this blog. Did you notice how much weaker the Gorge winds were yesterday July 8, 2019? And you have also probably noticed that this season has mostly had cooler air

West Coast Wind Blog: Using sensors in the Wall to Rufus corridor

by Mike Godsey, We have added a Public Domain sensor located on the John Day River Bridge east of Rufus. It will read LOW compared to the actual wind at Rufus but by looking at the wind at The