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West Coast Wind Blog: Unending easterly winds for most of the west coast.

by Mike Godsey, mail: mike AT iwindsurf Recent days have seen cool powerful easterly winds in the western Gorge, powerful Santa Ana winds for Southern California, nagging wind killing NE winds just aloft over the Bay Area. And for the

West Coast Wind Blog: Baja’s East Cape 5 basic wind patterns

by Mike Godsey, Mike AT About 25 years ago, when the first windsurfers “discovered” La Ventana, “Weather Man” Tom and I started studying Baja winds using the daily data collection form you see in this first image. Since then

West Coast Wind Blog: Winds just aloft jazz up Baja surface winds.

by Mike Godsey, Photos & Videos Did you notice how the El Norte this morning forecast upper-teens to low 20’s with periods much stronger especially outside? The baseline for our winds was relatively strong El Norte winds from the

West Coast Wind Blog: Clouds weaken local thermal wind

by Mike Godsey, For more photos from Baja and the west coast click this link. Sometimes I just have to put weasel words in the forecast even when almoat everything looks promising in the early morning. In today’s forecast,

West Coast Wind Blog: NORTH PACIFIC HIGH. If you kite/sail the winds of the west coast don’t read this blog!

by Mike Godsey, Mike AT If you ply the waters of the west coast of the USA from The Gorge to Punta San Carlos, Baja Norte you know the winds of the North Pacific High intimately since they are

West Coast Wind Blog: (UPDATED) NW wind from the North Pacific High curves to La Ventana/Los Barriles.

by Mike Godsey, mike AT Part ONE: Today, Sunday, February 17, 2019 the North Pacific High is pumping wind into the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific side of Baja. You can see this happening in Part 2 of

WEST COAST WIND BLOG: North Pacific High plays atypical big role in our winds this “El Nino” year.

by Mike Godsey, I hope this is not your first year kiting or windsurfing on Baja’s East Cape. If it is your first year don’t let first impressions count much in thinking about a return visit. Normally heavy rains,

West Coast Wind Blog: Cloud hole jazzes up wind to forecast values.

As can see from the forecast headline screen shot the forecast for Saturday said mid to upper teens IF we got some holes in the heavy clouds otherwise the wind would stay way outside. Those winds seemed pretty likely at

West Coast Wind Blog: How can the wind be epic then so much weaker Saturday?

So how can we have 2 days with very strong El Norte winds on Feb. 7 and 8th then have Saturday Feb. 9 have such a weak wind forecast? Remember that weather generally moves from the west to the east.

West Coast Wind Blog: Feb. 7, 2019 a Baja big wind recipe!

I am sure when you saw my forecast days ago for big winds starting early in the morning of Thursday, Dec. 7 you were skeptical. After all the forecasts are often off on even weak thermal wind days so how