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West Coast Wind Blog: Unending easterly winds for most of the west coast.

by Mike Godsey, mail: mike AT iwindsurf Recent days have seen cool powerful easterly winds in the western Gorge, powerful Santa Ana winds for Southern California, nagging wind killing NE winds just aloft over the Bay Area. And for the great majority of kiters and windsurfers, these easterly winds are useless. But there is one…

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WEST COAST WIND BLOG: North Pacific High plays atypical big role in our winds this “El Nino” year.

by Mike Godsey, I hope this is not your first year kiting or windsurfing on Baja’s East Cape. If it is your first year don’t let first impressions count much in thinking about a return visit. Normally heavy rains, frequent heavy clouds, shifty up and down winds are uncommon during the winter. Rather the…

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