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Understanding Hurricane Names in the Atlantic Basin

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson on 9/9/2020 We certainly had a tough time this year pronouncing the name “Isaias”, which led to several meteorologists stumbling over the name at least once or twice during discussions. But this also sparked interest in how these names are picked, what other names are on the list and how…

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End of August 2020 and Tropics Heating up Again.

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson on 8/30/2020 We have certainly see quite a bit of activity in the month of June, including a US landfall over western Lousiana by a major CAT 4 Hurricane Laura on Thursday, August 27, 2020. Many records have been broken this year with getting to early names in the alphabet…

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Heat Fires up for the 4th of July

Due to COVID restrictions, many of us will miss the skies lighting up with fireworks this 4th of July but though the celebrations will be atypical the weather will quickly shift this week into a more traditional summer pattern. Heat surges up through the center of the country over the next couple of days and…

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Sneaky Outflow Boundary Creates Forecast Complications

By meteorologist Shea Gibson 4/11/2020 On Wednesday, April 8 we had a unique event occur in the morning that goes to show how complex weather systems can totally change a wind forecast very quickly. Specifically, the Tidewater and OBX locales were substantially affected by what is known as an “outflow boundary” or “gust front” for…

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