Category: East Coast

Hurricane Isaias Leaves Its Signature on Weatherflow Stations

 by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Hurricanes don’t come calling often but when they do Weatherflow wants to gather as much data as possible to aid in the study and mitigation of these storms.  With our extensive network of stations, we were able to capture Hurricane Isaias as it rolled up the Eastern Seaboard on August…

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Sneaky Outflow Boundary Creates Forecast Complications

By meteorologist Shea Gibson 4/11/2020 On Wednesday, April 8 we had a unique event occur in the morning that goes to show how complex weather systems can totally change a wind forecast very quickly. Specifically, the Tidewater and OBX locales were substantially affected by what is known as an “outflow boundary” or “gust front” for…

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Mystery Fog Bank Drifts Into the SC Coast on 3/27/20.

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson written on 3/29/20. Lots of folks on the water (and meteorologists alike) saw a fog bank encroach the coastline late Friday afternoon and into the evening. It was rather peculiar because we generally would see a marine layer (fog) build along the coast as ambient air temps surpass the water…

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