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Sneaky Outflow Boundary Creates Forecast Complications

By meteorologist Shea Gibson 4/11/2020 On Wednesday, April 8 we had a unique event occur in the morning that goes to show how complex weather systems can totally change a wind forecast very quickly. Specifically, the Tidewater and OBX locales were substantially affected by what is known as an “outflow boundary” or “gust front” for…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Customer comments about Human Baja wind forecast:

Daily Human Forecast Home  | Why Baja blows | Feedback: Baja forecast | | Road Rules |  Driving Down | Where to go. | | Food & Water | Camping| Resorts | Money, insurance, pets | Hurricane Diary | Windless days | East Cape driving maps | Fish/Surf | Baja photos | Forecasting for Baja’s East Cape is hard. Many of the tools we take for granted in the USA are not available. And unlike the USA where we have lots of sensors at major…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Where to go for Baja winter winds.

Where to go for Baja winter winds: by Mike Godsey, First, don’t confuse the April-Oct. down-the-line wave riding at Punta San Carlos and the other spots on the Baja Pacific coast with Sea of Cortez kiting and windsurfing. Different season, different crowd, and scant wave riding except when there is exceptionally big swell that breaks…

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