Category: East Coast

Kalmus Lull- Vineyard Wake?

Very interesting day today for the northeast as slightly warmer SW flow is overtaking the region.   These days are often tricky because decoupling will keep the winds off the surface.   Our forecast mentioned that the winds will be a bit fragile and recommended northern facing beaches over southern as the winds onset.  …

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Blocking High Pressure by Dave Breckenridge

The recent synoptic setup lately provides us with a good example of a blocking high entrenched out in the Atlantic.  A blocking high is simply an area of high pressure that is relatively stationary for an extended period of time. The series of surface maps below show the blocking high staying put through Saturday morning as it…

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WeatherFlow Blog- Meteorologist Saved Days

This is where our Meteorologists will post topics for their discussion and to share concepts that we observe and help better understand the complexities of predicting winds in the areas that we focus on.   Not all posts will have answers, but all are aimed at stimulating discussion.   If you wish to comment on…

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