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West Coast Wind Blog: Still a chance unnamed tropical depression may impact Baja’s East Cape.

  by Mike Godsey, Here is yesterday’s blog about this storm This animation show todays imagery of the storm at dawn Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019. As you can see there is a hint of it developing a circular rotation

West Coast Wind Blog: Unnamed tropical depression may impact Baja’s East Cape.

by Mike Godsey, If you were flying several hundred miles south of Los Cabos this morning your view would look much like my photo above. There is a CHANCE this tropical depression 93E.INVEST, currently several hundred miles SSW of

West Coast Wind Blog: Star like fog pattern.

by Mike Godsey, On the California coast we are used to seeing lots of weird fog phenomenon fog falls, razor-thin fog banks, hard-topped fog banks, fast appearing and disappearing fog masses. But is rare to see a star like

West Coast Wind Blog: La Ventana, Baja Sur sensors.

by Mike Godsey, At the end of last season Ben installed a new sensor at Ventana Windsports. We did this because the old sensor at Baja Joe’s is sometimes in a partial wind shadow. Longtime Weatherflow customer John S.

West Coast Wind Blog: Huge high pressure creates Diablo, El Norte, Santa Ana & “Rooster” winds

by Mike Godsey, Here is the story of this massive wind event in imagery and animations.  

West Coast Wind Blog: Live: Hurricane Dorian hits Weatherflow HurrNet sensors

by Mike Godsey Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on our hundred+ hardened weather stations along the eastern seaboard. As you can see in the attached photos these stations are massive and designed to survive at least 140 mph winds. This

West Coast Wind Blog: Bluff Reports and the changing Gorge winds.

by Mike Godsey, ROUGH DRAFT There was a recent forum thread on the Gorge Classic page asking “are there gustier winds this summer?” The forum thread had answers ranging from “Obviously!” to “I hear this every year!” How

West Coast Wind Blog: Gorge and Bay Area wind and weather go bonkers!

Gorge version by Matt Souders & Mike Godsey You may have noticed that the wind and weather has gone a bit bonkers at times this year for much of the west coast. You’re not wrong – the data backs up

West Coast Wind Blog: Blame it on the Kid. Part 2, the aftermath.

by Mike Godsey, In Part 1 of this blog, Blame in on the kid I wrote about how unusual this season has been due in part to an El Nino pattern.   And for the west coast, El Nino

West Coast Wind Blog: Blame in on the kid: Gorge winds weaken: Part One

  by Mike Godsey, Here is part 2 of this blog. Did you notice how much weaker the Gorge winds were yesterday July 8, 2019? And you have also probably noticed that this season has mostly had cooler air