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Where is the major marine surge?

Heat wave ends and marine surge fizzles as Upper level high pressure retreats too fast. by Mike Godsey, Well last Thursday I forecast a major marine surge to hit the S. F. Bay yesterday and there is no hint to masses of cool fog and  strong SW wind pouring through the Golden Gate. What happened? The simple answer is that yesterday…

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What is an upper level high pressure ridge and how does it impact the west coast wind?

 This video from this Friday May, 31 shows the clouds and winds at about 18,000 feet in the pacific west of California. The dark green areas are high levels of moisture. The dark gray areas are very dry air. Notice the northward extending loop in the upper level clouds. This is called an upper level high…

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WeatherFlow Blog- Meteorologist Saved Days

This is where our Meteorologists will post topics for their discussion and to share concepts that we observe and help better understand the complexities of predicting winds in the areas that we focus on.   Not all posts will have answers, but all are aimed at stimulating discussion.   If you wish to comment on…

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