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West Coast Wind Blog: Huge high pressure creates Diablo, El Norte, Santa Ana & “Rooster” winds

by Mike Godsey, Here is the story of this massive wind event in imagery and animations.  

West Coast Wind Blog: Why abrupt fade of strong marine surge winds after dawn.

by Mike Godsey, Did you get wildly excited early this morning when you saw San Francisco’s Point Blunt winds averaging 28 and Berkeley already 22 while Crissy was 23? It looked like the classic Bay Area marine surge end

West Coast Wind Blog: Wind battle spoils the Isla Vista to Ledbetter winds while Pismo benefits.

by Mike Godsey,   Pismo Beach saw strong winds today but Isla Vista to Ledbetter only had weak winds as 3 different wind masses battled over the area this afternoon. This animation shows the story and an upcoming blog

West Coast Wind Blog: Wintry Cold Front advances the stalls over Bay so clearing winds milder than forecast

by Mike Godsey, The forecast was for scattered showers as a wintry cold front moved over the Bay Area and then broke up. While the afternoon saw upper-teens to maybe 2o clearing winds. But the actual winds barely reached

West Coast Wind Blog: Live: Hurricane Dorian hits Weatherflow HurrNet sensors

by Mike Godsey Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on our hundred+ hardened weather stations along the eastern seaboard. As you can see in the attached photos these stations are massive and designed to survive at least 140 mph winds. This

West Coast Wind Blog: Why so many Bay Area eddies this season. Part One

Part one of this blog below is about the smaller eddies mostly in the Bodega to Golden Gate area that have been so common during the 2019 summer season. These eddies often totally or partially die in the afternoon making

West Coast Wind Blog: Why are eddy forecasts so hard

by Mike Godsey, Backcast: ┬áPt. Isabel low to mid 20’s was clearly stronger than the mid to upper-teens I forecast! Why can’t we forecast such strong eddy winds reliably? Just take a look at this hourly animation of the

West Coast Wind Blog: Elongated eddy from San Diego to past San Francisco

West Coast Wind Blog: Eddy what eddy? Trying to forecast the invisible.

by Mike Godsey, As you all know the location, thickness and movement of the marine layer clouds are critical in making the winds at every site in the San Francisco Bay Area. The same is true in forecasting. The

West Coast Wind Blog: Inside Golden Gate wind rages while calm just outside.

by Mike Godsey,, I took the helicopter photo in my banner above on a day when it was nearly calm at Pt. Diablo just outside the Golden Gate’s north tower. But the strong NW aloft were buffeting the