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West Coast Wind Blog: San Francisco’s Elongated Eddy Pattern

by Mike Godsey, Perhaps you noticed that our wind patterns keep on changing as the pattern of upper-level winds change. One new feature that is appearing is nagging long thin eddies that run along the coast creating southerly flow

West Coast Wind Blog: Imagery of a very weak “dry” marine surge during record San Francisco heatwave.

by Mike Godsey, There is nothing worse in forecasting that to get burnt missing a huge marine surge at the end of a heatwave. A typical marine surge not only brings a welcome cool down it also brings strong

West Coast Wind Blog: The search for an elusive Golden Gate Eddy

by Mike Godsey, In recent years counter-clockwise spinning eddies have become increasingly common west of the Golden Gate. These eddies are most likely to form when the winds of the North Pacific High are out at the ocean buoys but

West Coast Wind Blog: NW storm winds!!!

by Mike Godsey A very atypical situation today as a storm tracks from the south through the interior of Oregon and Northern California. At 6AM the storm is centered just north of the Bay Area. Normally our storms approach from

West Coast Wind Blog: Eddy Friday, May 24, 2019

West Coast Wind Blog: Eddy scenario likely Wednesday, May 22, 2019

by Mike Godsey, You may remember that 4-5 days ago I mentioned in the extended forecast that the North Pacific High would really expand this week. As you can see below that the NPH now spans the waters from Alaska

West Coast Wind Blog: Front passes and southerly winds turn westerly an ROAR!

by Mike Godsey ROUGH DRAFT text later today Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area kiters and windsurfers know the drill. A storm passes then the North Pacific High move towards the coast and its NW winds curve into the

West Coast Wind Blog: North Pacific High finally makes a move on San Francisco IF Southern California Cut-Off Low moves southward.

by Mike Godsey The satellite animation below shows a large counter-clockwise spinning Cut-Off Low over Southern California at ≈ 18,000 ft. Notice the fast-moving gravity waves rippling westward and northward from this disturbance. Further north the North Pacific High’s surface

West Coast Wind Blog: 24 hours in the life of a eddy

Eddy: May 8 Eddy: May 7

West Coast Wind Blog: Meet Eddy! The new weather landlord of the Pacific?

  by Mike Godsey, The satellite imagery below from today, May 7, 2019, really shows the lingering eddy in action. If you work the waters north of the Bay Bridge Eddy looks beautiful. But if the Peninsula or the coast