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West Coast Wind Blog: Wishy-Washy forecast as Pismo and Santa Barbara westerly winds battle with northerly inland winds.

by Mike Godsey, Check out this wishy-washy forecast today. Basically, I am said that the winds might be strong or might be weak. Why couldn’t I pin it down more precisely for Pismo and Isla Vista to Ledbetter? Basically, because

West Coast Wind Blog: Elongated eddy from San Diego to past San Francisco

West Coast Wind Blog: Anatomy of a forecast wipeout for Santa Barbara to Ventura.

by Mike Godsey, Yesterday, Wed. August 14,  2019 I really blew the Isla Vista to Ledbetter forecast and Ventura went over the mid-teens forecast. True, I did warn of “much stronger winds than forecast if the Gaviota eddy died”

West Coast Wind Blog: Pismo Beach wind and fog, the last mile.

by Mike Godsey, Forecasting for Pismo winds in the summer is very tricky and we are slowly learning the complexities of this area. Here are some of our baby steps up the Pismo forecasting learning curve. The marine layer clouds

West Coast Wind Blog: Unexpected very fast clearing brings winds stronger than forecast for Southern California coast.

by Mike Godsey, The Southern California coast winds were a bit stronger than forecast yesterday June 28. With an upper trough overhead, the marine layer clouds far inland at dawn and typically the onshore flow and an AM eddy

West Coast Wind Blog: Front passes and southerly winds turn westerly an ROAR!

by Mike Godsey ROUGH DRAFT text later today Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area kiters and windsurfers know the drill. A storm passes then the North Pacific High move towards the coast and its NW winds curve into the

West Coast Wind Blog: North Pacific High finally makes a move on San Francisco IF Southern California Cut-Off Low moves southward.

by Mike Godsey The satellite animation below shows a large counter-clockwise spinning Cut-Off Low over Southern California at ≈ 18,000 ft. Notice the fast-moving gravity waves rippling westward and northward from this disturbance. Further north the North Pacific High’s surface

West Coast Wind Blog: Meet Eddy! The new weather landlord of the Pacific?

  by Mike Godsey, The satellite imagery below from today, May 7, 2019, really shows the lingering eddy in action. If you work the waters north of the Bay Bridge Eddy looks beautiful. But if the Peninsula or the coast

West Coast Wind Blog: Excuses, Excuses… Now a Cut-Off Low + eddy make Bay Area & Southern California forecasting tricky.

by Mike Godsey, For several weeks now our forecast team has been struggling with San Francisco Bay Area forecasting during a surface eddy pattern that is unprecedented in its duration and longevity. Now we have to add a Cut-Off Low

West Coast Wind Blog: The earth vs. the eddy

Hi Gang, Sunday, April 28: If you are a wind addicted kite or windsurfer the eddy is probably on your minds a lot recently. Either because it is wrecking your wind or because it is making great wind at your