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West Coast Wind Blog: Live: Hurricane Dorian hits Weatherflow HurrNet sensors

by Mike Godsey Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on our hundred+ hardened weather stations along the eastern seaboard. As you can see in the attached photos these stations are massive and designed to survive at least 140 mph winds. This sensor mesonet will be providing critical information for the NWS/NOAA during the landfall. Here is…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Wishy-Washy forecast as Pismo and Santa Barbara westerly winds battle with northerly inland winds.

by Mike Godsey, Check out this wishy-washy forecast today. Basically, I am said that the winds might be strong or might be weak. Why couldn’t I pin it down more precisely for Pismo and Isla Vista to Ledbetter? Basically, because there was a going to be a battle waged over both sites as NNE to…

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