Interested to hear thoughts on Mike Masco’s discussion here for Hurricane Season 2013 (or any other prediction source such as TSR, CSU, WSI or NCSU). His prediction list is coming soon.


Swell-city_-wind-statsHere’s and oldie but a goodie.


By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson…

Snapped a few pics today as I was watching some shelf clouding during fast developing mesocyclone activity – saw shelfing to the west stretch out across the sky and a vortex popped out right in front of me along the river. At first I was confused given position of storm cell activity being south of the main cluster, but realized it was a new cell developing with a hook echo toward the NE quadrant. Anyone know the best place to find radar history back from around 4:00pm today? I could only get back to around 5:30pm.

Pretty good rotation going on there- as soon as it started rotating faster, the winds picked up fast and furious- closest station I could find was the Don Holt bridge- which topped at 55kts, but it was stronger where I stood. The rain wall hit me like a sack of bricks.  Lost sight of vortex after that.  Report of hail from eye witnesses just due N/NW of this cell at an interstate change (I-526 & Clements Ferry Road).  Not the most organized one I have ever seen, but then again, I only caught what seemed to be the beginning stages of it.



Data Prepared by Mike Godsey

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