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West Coast Wind Blog: Mid Channel eddy off Santa Barbara

A quick look at one of the factors that makes Santa Barbara to Ventura wind forecasting so difficult. by Mike Godsey One of the variables that makes forecasting wind in the Isla Vista to Ventura Southern California zone is the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Long battered by storms passing to the north…

North Pacific High lords over the Pacific this Sunday! by Mike Godsey This first animation from the blog I posted last Sunday shows the North Pacific High taking a beating from a succession of wintry storms NW of the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Waiting for the return of strong NW winds…

The plight of the North Pacific High by Mike Godsey It happens every spring. After days of useful NW wind curving into the Southern California and Bay Area coastal windsurfing and kiting sites we enter a long wind drought. At

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Strong cold front blasts Rockies. Now heads to the Plains with Severe Weather.

by Meteorologist Kerry Challoner Anderson In our forecasts we frequently discuss the temperature variations across the forecast area and how these contrasting mini air masses will create the winds most of our customers are looking for.  Yesterday the Rocky Mountains

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West Coast Wind Blog: North Pacific High crushed and departing…

No, this is not the title of a romance novel but rather it explains the coming weak wind weekend. by Mike Godsey So after today, Friday 14 the S. F. Bay Area and Southern California will see weak winds while

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West Coast Wind Blog: A quick look at SW storm winds turning into…

NW clearing winds: a visual tour. by Mike Godsey  

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West Coast Wind Blog: Color satellite view of:

Big NW clearing winds for Southern California. by Mike Godsey As you saw in the blog below Southern California had the perfect setup for strong NW winds this weekend. Lots of upper teens to low 20’s or even stronger. Here is

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West Coast Wind Blog: Anatomy of a Southern California…

Strong wind day on the coast by Mike Godsey If you look at the wind maps this afternoon for the S.F. Bay Area or Southern California you will be struck by how weak the winds are today. Yesterday a potent

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West Coast Wind Blog: Strong North Pacific High but low quality wind because of…

Pesky surface ridge and passing storms. Part one. by Mike Godsey “When do we get rid of the North Wind in the Bay area? How about a little blog on this?” C. Jutkins I have received a good number of

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West Coast Wind Blog: Far afield for a quick look at…

Super Cyclone Debbie by Mike Godsey, Pretty windy in much of the S. F. Bay Area today. But Kerry, one of the Weatherflow Bay Area meteorologist, has family near Airlee Beach Australia and it is really windy in that area today

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