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West Coast Wind Blog: Why are Pismo Beach wind forecasts so iffy this year:

NNW ocean winds and NE inland winds battle near Pismo Beach making forecasting tricky. I know it is frustrating when the wind forecast babbles on with lots of maybes and issues etc. Today’s wind forecast for Pismo Beach is a

West Coast Wind Blog: Diablo wind, Santa Ana wind, El Norte wind, Rooster wind…

All from chilly high pressure in the Great Basin area!   A glance at the NWS technical discussions above tells you that localized big wind events are the story for Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area and the Gorge this morning. Also, notice the mention

West Coast Wind Blog: Hurricane Sergio at dawn today.

Sergio now tracking south of Puntat San Carlos. by Mike Godsey, Today, Oct 10, 2018, hurricane Sergio has made the boomerang turn to the east as modeled. But it has taken a more southerly of all the modeled trajectories. This means

West Coast Wind Blog: Upper level winds steer the North Pacific High but also it may make…

Hurricane Sergio boomerang!   by Mike Godsey, So take a look at this first image. It shows the tracks of all the hurricanes in the eastern Pacific in the period 1980-2005.   It is clear that the vast majority of

West Coast Wind Blog: Tiny North Pacific High west of Hawaii blossums dominating the eastern Pacific.

Fall type northerly winds return to the west coast. by Mike Godsey, In part one of this blog, we saw that during recent days the North Pacific High had disappeared from the eastern Pacific depriving the west coast of its northerly winds. This

West Coast Wind Blog: Whence the North Pacific High

Part one: The entire west coast has light wind as the North Pacific High abandons the eastern Pacific. Yesterday and the preceding days have seen easterly winds the Gorge and weak southerly winds for most of coastal California. Notably absent were the northerly winds along

Watching the Gulf of Mexico for Potential Tropical Development

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson Tuesday, October 2, 2018 As we start the month of October, we are still very much in an active portion of the hurricane season, which does not formally end until November 30th of each year.

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West Coast Wind Blog: The worse of years, the best of years…

The worse for 3rd & The best for Pt. Isabel. by Mike Godsey, The title may be a bit of an overstatement but it captures the flavor of the 2018 San Francisco Bay Area kite and windsurfing season at the 2

West Coast Wind Blog: Stinson Beach baby steps!

How we do a “Guesscast” for Stinson Beach while taking baby steps up the forecast learning curve.   ROUGH DRAFT by Mike Godsey, Mike AT The banner above is from a Coast Guard helicopter scouting trip Rob and I took

Life Cycle of the West Coast Thermal Trough

On this September 12,  we had more rain showers in the Gorge, first drops making it past Mosier since June! Most likely we will be bidding farewell to those heat waves of summer, of which we had plenty, injecting triple

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