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Atmospheric River aimed at Southern California


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West Coast Wind Blog: Cull Zone means…

Very weak Bay Area winds. by Mike Godsey, mike AT I know some of you hate meteorological geek talk like “upper troughs” since all you care about is the what size kite or sail you are likely to be

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A close look at Southern California isobars

Take a look a the close-up animation I made of the WRF Southern California Isobars. 1. It appears to be far higher than 3km res. 2. Note the exceptionally tight isobars are all over the mountains at all times of the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Southern California storm exits…

North Pacific High’s winds rip in Southern California by Mike Godsey, mike AT   It is not too often that San Diego has low 20’s wind at dawn. While these winds will quickly drop into the mid-teens at San Diego

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West Coast Wind Blog: Storm passes, North Pacific High in the Pacific but no NW wind

  Nagging storm system diverts NW wind. by Mike Godsey, mike AT Recall that we started the California forecast season in February for the first time in the history of our company. We did this because the North Pacific

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Southerly storm winds dominate the week.

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Week Overview January and February saw a strong ridge of High pressure sitting over the West coast.  Consequently the West saw an early start to steady Northwesterly winds along the coast.  Well as quickly as

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West Coast Wind Blog: The NWS says”Synopsis. Dry weather, along with a warming trend, is forecast for today and Tuesday. Rain chances return by late Wednesday and continue through the end of the week, but rainfall amounts are generally expected to be light.”

  While & say: “plus weak winds” Why? by Mike Godsey, mike AT (Actually, the photo above is from the cam of the great folks the Alameda Boardsports facility) So we just had a storm pass over

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West Coast Wind Blog: Crazy up and down spring winds due to:

..A Combo of low pressure in the Great Basin and turbulent NW winds just aloft. by Mike Godsey Check out the headlines in Kerry’s forecast and the details in the text. This is a pattern we see frequently in the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Dec. 5, 2017. Huge high pressure creates powerful easterly winds

Ventura fire, Gorge, Bay, SoCal, Baja winds! by Mike Godsey Today we are seeing unusually strong late easterly winds over much of the west coast from the Gorge to the Sea of Cortez. These winds are stirring unusual late season

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West Coast Wind Blog: “I don’t sail at Viento so why should I care about the new Viento sensor…”

Because Planning, Swell Size, Fades, Directions… by Mike Godsey, How to use the Viento sensor: 1. Most days the winds build at Viento before reaching the Hatch, Swell, Event Site launch sites. So the Viento sensor gives you an

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