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2017 Eclipse Shows Meteorological Effects Along the Charleston, SC Coast.

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson There is no doubt how cool the Eclipse 2017 was for folks that lined up in its path to see. I was one of the fortunate ones along coastal SC that was able to get

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West Coast Wind Blog: Tropical Storm Lidia makes for fast changing wind forecasts.

Wind patterns change fast for the Bay Area and Southern California. by Mike Godsey, mike AT As the remains of Tropical Storm Lidia moved from Baja waters to west of the Southern California Bight it shook up the wind

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Eclipse Weather

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson After listening to my daughter’s description of her total eclipse experience I regret not making the effort to get myself in position to be in the path of totality.  Instead my experience included trying to

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West Coast Wind Blog: Dome of upper high pressure brings heat and…

Calm Gorge Winds, Sparse Bay winds and Strong Southern California coast winds. And what about Hurricane Harvey? by Mike Godsey You have probably seen graphics like the one above from the Portland Press Herald during a heat wave. This is a

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West Coast Wind Blog: Modeled vertical wind profile of Hurricane Harvey

Below is an animation of the wind patterns of Hurricane Harvey on Friday Aug. 25 as modeled by the ECMWF.

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West Coast Wind Blog: Different images of eclipse

Here are some different views of the eclipse. First are 3 animations I made from satellite imagery. The second two photos show the eclipse’s light as it filters through leaves and illuminates asphalt driveway.   Mike Godsey  

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Eclipsing the Winds

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Today is the big day for astronomers and amateur observers.  Eyes will be turned toward the heavens to view the solar eclipse – that is if you have the right protective glasses. Fortunately the latest

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West Coast Wind Blog: Decoding the Hatch and Swell Bluff Reports…

Your tool at times when the sensor is not accurate. by Mike Godsey, mike AT You have probably noticed that the Swell City sensor often reads inaccurately especially in the morning. This is because the only location for a

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West Coast Wind Blog: We can forecast the eddies arrival and departure pretty good…

But often fail at the exact focus of it’s winds. by Mike Godsey, MikeAT Years ago when I first began forecasting when the models could barely resolve the entire Bay Area I and the NWS were oblivious of eddies

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West Coast Wind Blog: Rex Block brings…

Endless heat and brown skies to the Gorge… comes to an end tomorrow! by Mike Godsey, mike AT My banner above shows the almost daily view of the Hatchery from my house the last 2 weeks. The smoke is

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