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West Coast Wind Blog: Heat bubble expands over Belmont to Seal so up and down winds but…

Leo and Cabrillo are spared for different reasons. Hey Mike,  Long time no talk. Hope all is well and you’re having a great summer. I thought I’d share a weather thought from today’s very strong winds for Leo Carrillo. I’m not

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West Coast Wind Blog: Low pressure off California…

Battles with subsidence from crushing high pressure heat wave. by Mike Godsey, mike AT A marine surge is arriving either tomorrow Friday or Saturday AM at the latest. These animations show some of the variables involved.  

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West Coast Wind Blog: Unusual Bay Area wind pattern likely Sunday June 18…

Makes forecasting very iffy by Mike Godsey, mike AT Take a look at the extended forecast for the Bay Area tomorrow. So what is going on? As you may have noticed Bay Area wind patterns keep changing in last

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June Tropical Activity Stirring in the Atlantic Basin

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson The start of the Atlantic Basin hurricane season is June 1st and goes through November 30th each year. Typically, we might see a few small homegrown or near coastal systems develop along tail end of cold

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West Coast Wind Blog: Wacky San Luis sensor readings…

Maybe the sensor is not broken? by Mike Godsey, mike AT Hi ctuna, You are not the only one to notice the “wacky” San Luis readings. No we have not moved the sensor and there are no new structures

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SC Offshore Water Temperatures, Currents, and Fish

SC Offshore Water Temperatures, Currents, and Fish Tim Kent 5/25/17 Spring is here, signaling the annual run of Dolphin fish off the Southeast Coast.  This fishery provides a large economic impact to coastal communities and coincides with warm water from

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The Coastal Carolina Ridge

by WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson Ever wonder when you are at the beach that all of a sudden winds seem to come out of nowhere on a perfectly sunny day? Well, the land-sea interface of the SE Region is a

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West Coast Wind Blog: Mid Channel eddy off Santa Barbara

A quick look at one of the factors that makes Santa Barbara to Ventura wind forecasting so difficult. by Mike Godsey One of the variables that makes forecasting wind in the Isla Vista to Ventura Southern California zone is the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Long battered by storms passing to the north…

North Pacific High lords over the Pacific this Sunday! by Mike Godsey This first animation from the blog I posted last Sunday shows the North Pacific High taking a beating from a succession of wintry storms NW of the

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West Coast Wind Blog: Waiting for the return of strong NW winds…

The plight of the North Pacific High by Mike Godsey It happens every spring. After days of useful NW wind curving into the Southern California and Bay Area coastal windsurfing and kiting sites we enter a long wind drought. At

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