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West Coast Wind Blog: East and West winds at the same time on the Columbia River

How can that happen? by Mike Godsey Check out today’s Gorge forecast. Strong Easterly and strong Westerly winds along the Columbia? Since winds are largely driven by pressure gradients how can you have two different pressure gradients at the same

West Coast Wind Blog: Most of the check boxes are checked for a marine surge today but…

Pressure gradient to N.Central Valley vs. gradient to Bakersfield limits southerly surge winds. by Mike Godsey Hi cTuna, Funny you should ask! Looking at the thermal trough along the California coast and the low pressure off Arcata conditions almost looked

West Coast Wind Blog: Classic high pressure vs low pressure setup today…

This should mean strong winds for most of the Bay Area and Southern California, but… by Mike Godsey Take a look at my forecasts for today, April 19, for the Bay Area and Southern California. Both forecasts call for strong

West Coast Wind Blog: Prolonged NW clearing winds are rare this spring…

Southerly storm track and surface ridges are the culprits. by  Mike Godsey, So far this spring there has been lots of passing storms but rather sparse NW clearing winds in the wake of storms. Part of the problem is that

Picking the Right Model

Yesterday’s forecast was a tough one so I made sure to check back this evening to verify.  We know we may not always be exactly right and so the process of verifying helps us to learn and improve and also

West Coast Wind Blog: NW ramps up on the California coast then….

North Pacific High pushes a ridge inland and coast winds weaken. by Mike Godsey I will be updating this blog with text..tomorrow. But this animation should give you the story about today’s (April 12) strong NW wind and why we will probably forecasting

Early Spring Cold Weather Sea Breezes in the Northeast

         Early Spring Cold Weather Sea Breezes in the Northeast                                                      

West Coast Wind Blog: Fast moving cold fronts

Quick shift from WNW to SW winds. by Mike Godsey Looking at the ocean buoys winds today you would think that NW clearing winds are ramping up. But you would be thinking wrong. (But thinking right if you launch along

West Coast Wind Blog: North Pacific High retreats southward…

NW winds retreat to Baja waters then return…barely. Golden Gate photo and text by Mike Godsey As you have probably noticed the North Pacific High’s surface NW ocean winds have been weakening in Bay Area the last several days. And if

West Coast Wind Blog: Finally… a cold front passes and…

NW clearing winds hit the S. F. Bay Area! by Mike Godsey, mike AT   Text and imagery update later today!   The animation below shows the trajectory of the cold front and the arrival of the North Pacific