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Hurricane Matthew update 10-3-16 9:40PM

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson   Stay safe! Shea Gibson SE  Region/East Coast/Tropics Outreach & New Weather Station Projects Twitter: @WeatherFlowCHAS Facebook: Shea Gibson – WeatherFlow, Chucktown Wind Report

Tropics Update: Watching Invest 97L

By WeatherFlow meteorologist Shea Gibson. My latest tropical update 9/26/16 at 10:00PM:   Stay safe! Shea Gibson WeatherFlow Meteorologist SE  Region/East Coast/Tropics Outreach & New Weather Station Projects Twitter: @WeatherFlowCHAS

Haboob – WindAlert Style

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson The internet has been filled with video and images of the Haboob- the dust storm that pushed through Arizona on Tuesday as a line of thunderstorms rolled up from the south. Well there is more than

Caps On – Caps Off

By Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson A large dome of High pressure has covered California this week.  The descending air creates a cap on the atmosphere, keeping cooler boundary layer air from escaping.  Along the coast the descending warmer air squashes the

May Grey brings Winds our Way.

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson The Marine Layer has been the starring attraction of our forecasts the last few days. I know I have devoted a lot time determining the depth of the layer, how far it will move inland

Strong NNorthWesterlies Aimed at Southern California

by Meteorologist, Kerry Anderson Springtime for Southern California is of course marked by flowers and blossoms like most locations but it also spells a return of the prevailing NorthWesterlies.  Mike Godsey detailed the formation of these winds a few weeks

Leave the Meteorologist Home?

by Meteorologist, Kerry Anderson When I was in college there was a running joke with the other departments with regard to when to schedule their annual picnic.  It was said that if you wanted to have the best chance to

Cold air and strong winds for Southern California

 by Meteorologist, Kerry Anderson Winds are steadily climbing across Southern California with high winds sweeping in from the north. And these speeds look to go even higher which is not the way things usually work with our winds.  Usually, at this time

A River Runs Through Us

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson We all know what a river looks like; a flow of liquid water encased by a bank of soil. Well there is another type of river that you need to know about this weekend if you live

Hell Hath No Fury Like Our Ocean’s Warmth

By Meteorologist Kerry Anderson My forecast shift at Weatherflow ended on a Tuesday.  Just 72 hours ago I made sure to check the Mexican Tropics to see if there was any possibility of a storm that might develop that could

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