By Mike Godsey

What in the world is Año Nuevo clearing?

by Mike Godsey,

Año Nuevo clearing2Those of you who make the drive to Waddell and points south are well acquainted with Año Nuevo clearing and the racing of your heart as you finally round a fog shrouded curve and see impossibly blue skies near Año Nuevo. But for Bay sailors the frequent comment about Año Nuevo clearing in the forecast may seem cryptic. So I made this animation so you can see what it looks like. The reason Año Nuevo clearing is so important to Santa Cruz area winds is complex and one day I will  do a blog on super critical flow and  the magic Waddell’s complex wind machine.

And even if you do not ply the coast waters early Año Nuevo clearing is a good sign for Crissy, Coyote & 3rd. since it typically is a harbinger of clearing at those sites.