Author: Kerry Anderson

Winds Shutdown Power for Thanksgiving in Southern California

Many in Southern California are spending their Thanksgiving Holiday with no electrical power thanks to a powerful offshore wind event.  That means no ability to cool refrigerators, that are stocked to capacity, or ovens to cook turkeys.   The power is not out because winds have taken out power lines but instead, they have been…

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High Pressure brings Destruction and Protection

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson This week an unusually strong High-pressure system dropped out of the Canadian Plains into the Rockies.  The center of the High trekked through Wyoming and Colorado bringing early season snowfall and setting off strong downsloping winds through the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.   The storm had all the ingredients for a…

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Unprecendented Heat in the West

by Meteorologist Kerry Anderson California is seeing unprecedented heat this Labor Day weekend. Sunday the National Weather Service reported a temperature of 120 in Reseda. Meanwhile, the Santa Barbara shoreline barely broke into the 70s.  Why such contrasts? First, we are seeing an astonishingly strong upper-level ridge over the area. Monday’s 500mb map (below) indicates…

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