Author: Mike Godsey

Why is wind forecasting so challenging compared to temperature or sunshine: Excuses, excuses!

by Mike Godsey and Matt Sounders Have you ever noticed that meteorologists are usually pretty accurate about the temperature and the amount of sunshine but are so often way off when it comes to wind? Look at this graphic of the weather projections for today Sunday, May 28 by 10 major computer models for Treasure…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Very atypical eddy off Golden Gate in April.

Until 25 years ago summertime eddies off the Golden Gate were uncommon. Since then these counterclockwise air masses have become increasingly common and some summers they are a dominant force in determining the wind distribution in the Bay Area. This increasing eddy pattern is associated with the increasing frequency of the North Pacific High developing…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Cut-Off low impacts wind and weather for much of west coast due to weather traffic jam.

Last week there was somewhat atypical weather and winds for the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and the Columbia River Gorge. The Gorge saw very frequent blue skies and warm dry air plus westerly winds. Southern California saw many days of strong NW wind that curved into the coast. While San Francisco saw a…

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