Author: Mike Godsey

West Coast Wind Blog: Winter 2022/23 North Pacific High anomaly peaks on March 1: Hawaii, Baja, & California.

This winter we have seen the third year of a La Niña climate pattern. Indirectly this has often caused the average size and location of the North Pacific High to be atypical. Much of the winter the NPH has been larger, further northward and closer to Baja California than average. This first image shows the…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Cut-Off Low disrupts Baja’s East Cape winds and brings clouds

Today’s mild winds in the El Sargentoto Los Barriles corridor are due to a Cut-Off upper low in the upper-level winds that circulate around the world from mostly west to mostly east. Normally these winds loop North and south as they travel steering the surface weather systems and surface winds. Occasionally one of the southward-extending…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Great Basin High Pressure fades for a day while the North Pacific High prepares to deliver major El Norte wind to the Sea of Cortez.

The image below shows the area from Hawaii to Alaska to Baja to Iowa. Today the huge North Pacific High you see in the Pacific only delivers mild NNW winds to Baja’s East Cape. But over the next several days part of that high-pressure buds off and forms a larger high pressure over the Great…

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