Author: Mike Godsey

West Coast Wind Blog: Massive very early season storm then WEIRD NW clearing winds

by Mike Godsey Recently the Weatherflow and forecasts and our internal Slack channel have seen a lot of chatter about the very weird weather pattern from today, Thursday, Sept 16 to Sunday, Sept 19. During that time period, we make a rapid transition from a… Southerly eddy winds on the Northern California coast….

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West Coast Wind Blog: North Pacific High begins to retreat southward as Fall approaches.

by Mike Godsey Have you noticed? The NW ocean winds are becoming more common this late summer into fall for Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area? While the Columbia Rivers winds are a mere shadow of their summertime strength. So what causes these seasonal changes in the winds? The North Pacific High, a…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Upper trough brings joy to some Bay Area folks but nightmares for Lake Tahoe residents.

by Mike Godsey The first 2 sentences of Kerry’s 7:30 AM San Francisco Bay Area forecast for today, August 31, was good news for kiters and windsurfers from Larkspur to Sherman Island to Pt. Isabel to the Golden Gate. But to Tahoe firefighters and resident it described nightmare scenario. “Morning Update: An upper-level trough is deepening southward out…

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