By Mike Godsey

Road report updated Monday Nov. 1&2 2012.

Road report from Vagubundos: http// Report –BCS Route 1
Compiled November 1&2, 2012
The following information was compiled while driving South on Route 1 from Ensenada to La Paz on November 1 and 2, 2012.
Ensenada to Guerrero Negro – two sections of road construction with some exposed gravel and possible minor delays. No significant problems.
Guerrero Negro to Santa Rosalia – No problems.
Santa Rosalia to Mulege – Vado with washout between km 156-157, very rough.
Mulege to El Burro/El Coyote – No problems.
El Coyote to Loreto – between km 102-103, vado with gravel fill; between km 90-91, vado with gravel fill, very rough; between km 79-80, vado with gravel fill, very rough; km 77, vado with gravel; between km 61-62, vado with gravel fill, very rough.
Loreto to Puerto Escondido – km 102, vados with gravel; km 92, vado with gravel fill, very rough.
Puerto Escondido to Insurgentes – km 89, 2 bridges with approaches filled with gravel, very rough; km 82, 3 bridges with approaches filled with gravel, very rough. Approaching Insurgentes, 2 vados with large potholes, primarily in the northbound lanes.
Insurgentes to La Paz – No significant problems.
NOTE 1: The shoulders beside the northbound lanes between Puerto Escondido and El Coyote are eroded right to the pavement in many of the areas where other problems are set forth above.
NOTE 2: Fallen rocks are a minor problem in all sections where the road cuts through high roadside elevations. Be particularly careful when driving into and out of bright sunlight. I hit a rock in such an area about half way from Puerto Escondido and ruptured my oil pan, disabling the vehicle.
President Tony Schuck reports no problems at the Tecate border when he crossed on Sunday November 18th. Highway 3 from Tecate to Ensenada no problems. Construction 10 miles south of San Ignacio wait could be up to 30 minutes. The weather in Loreto was nice, no rain, temperatures in the high 70’s. There was a lot of traffic going north because of the Baja 1000.
There are consistent reports from Members on the road that Vagabundos Magnetic signs help expedite getting through military checkpoints. The office has them in stock or order online.

Saturday 4 2012: Wyatt and Tyson:

After an amazing two weeks at Punta San Carlos with the Makani Fin guys as well as the Solo Sports crew, it was time to head south to La Ventana. Everything started out pretty well, having timed the hurricane really well, we were on the road 10 days after it hit, allowing the Mexican road workers to get everything back to normal. We thought this was going to be the biggest problem on the way down. Turned out that the van was not liking the heat, especially up those long steep hills. We ended up overheating at least twice, but got really lucky as we were at the top of the hill when it happened. All that took was a 20 min break to take some pictures and wait for the van to cool down.

Back in the car and ready to roll, we head through a town called Cuidad Constitucion, where we were pulled over pretty quickly by a local cop on a 4 wheeler. We didnt do anything wrong, so we were wondering what the problem was. Turns out the cop just wanted to say hi and ask us where we were going with all the stuff on the trailer and what it was. Then we started to talk about windsurfing, and he wanted to know all about it. So after about 25 mins of chatting it up with the local cop, and sweating our asses off because it was about 105 outside, we were off again, getting closer to all the fun toys waiting for us in La Ventana. With only one more quick stop on the side of the road to take care of some business… as well as let Wyatt play with his new iPone 5 a bit more, we were almost to La Paz.

Pulled into La Paz around 5:30 and headed up the hill for the last 30 mins of our drive to La Ventana!!! Stoked, we started blasting music and motoring up one last hill… which we overheated on again and had to delay our arrival for another 30 mins. Oh well, we were there as far as we cared. We got to the house around 7 or so, cracked open some beers, and relaxed. We made it with EVERYTHING!!! Now begins the process of setting up camp, getting the quads running, and of course, enjoying that ice cold Ballena!

Definitely the worst part of the whole Baja road was the section from La Paz to La Ventana.
Monday Oct 23 2012

Mulege to San Ignacio 7 road washouts, 4 bridges damaged. ALL PASSABLE! he road is open to buses, trucks and small cars
Drive safe, Larry Cooper


Baja Road Report from Dean Oct. 17, 2012
Road south of Puerto Escondido/Ligui washed out but was passable this morning. Friends left Tripui this am for LaPaz in a pickup truck. Very rough just south of Ligui and headlight deep water in Insurgentes but they made it!! They will be returning tomorrow and will update the report then.

Road north of Puerto Escondido to Loreto is out. Large sections of road missing between Juncalito/the Mirador and Clam Shack. OK from Nopolo/Loreto Bay to Loreto. They are working on it. We have heard estimates from 2-5 days to repair. Will report when it is open.



Always watch out for vados filled with water. If you are not sure how deep the water is in the vado wade into the water some before driving into the water. NEVER camp in a dry vado.

If you have a smaller car and conditons at the border are not too busy, use the Immigration Office at the border to get or to validate your tourist card. It is located just inside the border. You can pay your fee at the bank nearby. This avoids the situation at Ensenada.



The Ensenada Migracion office where can pick up Tourist Cards is next to the Port Captain’s Offices. Look for 3 tall palms on the north side of the street. If you have a large RV continue on the main road for about 1/8 of a mile where there is good parking. Parking is very tight near the office. They are open til 8:00 PM.


San Quientin

In recent years lots of new stations have appeared along this section of the road and there have not been any reports of cheating at the pump.


El Rosario

You MUST tank up here. If you use lots of gas fill an extra tank. The Cataviña station is often out of gas and may have no electricity to pump gas. There may be guys selling gas from barrels. There are a bunch of new speed bumps as of 2006 and the speed limit is set very low. The cops are waiting for you to pass a slow moving truck. This looks like a speed trap zone for about 1 mile through town.


Santa Rosalia

For 30 years there have been hundreds of of reports of rip offs at pumps at the Pemex station in the center of town near the Ferry Terminal. Avoid this station at all costs. So far no negative reports about the gas stations just north of town.



The Pemex station just south of Mulege and the station in town have inaccurately calibrated pumps in the past. If you did not get gas in San Ignacio and can not make Loreto you have no choice and must get gas here. One ploy is to bring a container with the number of liter clearly marked. Have it filled first to see how big the discrepency is…then? I just watch them very carefully the whole fill up. The restrooms here are sometimes very nasty but the store is fine.


La Paz to La Ventana

The road into La Paz from the north has many poorly marked topes as you near the city.

If you have never been to La Ventana make sure you have a very recent map. It is hard, the first time, to navigate from Hwy. 1 to Hwy 286 to La Ventana.

Just follow the highway into La Paz. As you near city you will see a huge white sculpture that is actually a stylized dove but looks more like a white whale tail. Keep to the right of the whale tail. Turn right at the first major 4 way intersection. Now you will be driving on a elevated 2 lane road on top of a levee.To your left will be a huge wide but shallow arroyo. To your right will be hoards of tiny concrete houses. Go for about a mile or so until you come to a major intersection with a 6 lane road. Turn left here and cross a brand new overpass that goes over the wide arroyo. Get in the right lane as soon as possible. Traffic will be very heavy. A short distance ahead will be a poorly marked off ramp that curves to the right. There should be a sign saying Los Planos. Go right at his off ramp as it veer southward for about a mile. Then you will come to a major intersection with stop signs and a windmill. Turn right here and pass some junkyards.

Continue on this highway (Mex. 286 but normally unmarked) for about 40 minutes. You will climb a mountain range from which you can see La Ventana in the distance to your left. Descend a steep very long hill. Towards the bottom of the hill you will see on your left a sign for La Ventana and signs for various resorts. Drive about 5 miles until you arrive at La Ventana.