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1 week, 2 heat waves, 2 marine surges each turbocharged by one nagging Cut-Off Low + 2 eddies.

Goooooood morning Rio Vista!!!  After 4 days of Ben and I issuing marine surge alerts for Sunday I pulled the final trigger Saturday night: Forecast 7PM Saturday: “Marine Surge Alert! Sherman will absolutely RAGE all day tomorrow.” These images below, really layout the basic anatomy of a marine surge. 10 years ago marine surges always caught us…

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What is an upper level high pressure ridge and how does it impact the west coast wind?

 This video from this Friday May, 31 shows the clouds and winds at about 18,000 feet in the pacific west of California. The dark green areas are high levels of moisture. The dark gray areas are very dry air. Notice the northward extending loop in the upper level clouds. This is called an upper level high…

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