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Temperature Inversions – What, How, and Why?

Have you ever heard a meteorologist talk about an “inversion”? Or maybe you read about a “low-level inversion” in a National Weather Service forecast discussion and wondered what that means? If so, you’re in luck. Let’s break down what a temperature inversion is, how it forms and “breaks”, and why it matters to wind sports…

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High Pressure brings Destruction and Protection

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson This week an unusually strong High-pressure system dropped out of the Canadian Plains into the Rockies.  The center of the High trekked through Wyoming and Colorado bringing early season snowfall and setting off strong downsloping winds through the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.   The storm had all the ingredients for a…

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Potentially Unsurvivable Storm Surge from Hurricane Laura

by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson As Hurricane Laura approaches the Louisiana and Texas coasts, it brings with it the potential for producing devastating storm surge.  Storm surge is created when sustained strong winds flow across an ocean for an extended time period.  Those winds push against the water, and since the liquid is free to…

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Hurricane Isaias Leaves Its Signature on Weatherflow Stations

 by Meteorologist, Kerry Challoner Anderson Hurricanes don’t come calling often but when they do Weatherflow wants to gather as much data as possible to aid in the study and mitigation of these storms.  With our extensive network of stations, we were able to capture Hurricane Isaias as it rolled up the Eastern Seaboard on August…

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Heat Fires up for the 4th of July

Due to COVID restrictions, many of us will miss the skies lighting up with fireworks this 4th of July but though the celebrations will be atypical the weather will quickly shift this week into a more traditional summer pattern. Heat surges up through the center of the country over the next couple of days and…

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