By Mike Godsey

As you can see in the blog imagery, a weak tropical storm about 700 miles SW of Cabo Wabo is pumping clouds into a weak sub-tropical jetstream, which is sending clouds over a glassy Sea of Cortez. The Multimodel Ensemble Forecast (geekspeak for the consensus of 13 models) suggests about 50% coverage today, which jibes with the densiest clouds being south of La Ventana. Lacking the 4-Corners region high-pressure wind machine we are dependent on the somewhat unfavorable NW wind from the North Pacific High curving into the beaches. HOWEVER, for that to occur, we need enough clearing for the valley to heat up. Plus, with NW winds, there can be unfavorable westerly winds coming down the arroyos. Our Weatherflow 1 km high-resolution cloud models suggest that we may see a brief valley clearing this afternoon. So my iffy forecast is for a chance up and down mid to upper-teens winds strongest at La Ventana