By Mike Godsey

by Mike Godsey,

At the end of last season Ben installed a new sensor at Ventana Windsports. We did this because the old sensor at Baja Joe’s is sometimes in a partial wind shadow. Longtime Weatherflow customer John S. has installed a sensor on the Campground beach that covers that area nicely.

In recent years the North Pacific High has moved closer to the Baja coast in the winter and sometimes some of its westerly winds trickle¬†across the Peninsula from the west coast. These westerly winds just aloft sometimes push the El Norte wind away from shore and make the winds inside weaker and shifty. I am hoping that John’s new sensor at the Club Cerralvo will pick up those winds in advance. Since this westerly wind phenomenon is most marked in the El Sargento to Hot Springs area be sure to check this sensor before driving to the El Sargento area to kite or do a downwinder. These westerly winds rarely occur when we have a pure local sea breezes but can occur anytime there is some El Norte wind.