By Mike Godsey

Westerly winds for the Gorge!

by Mike Godsey

So do you have a boss? Someone who rules a small part of your life? Well if you are a Gorge, California,  Hawaiian or Baja kiter or windsurfer the real boss is 2500 miles wide, thousands of feet deep and rules the north pacific in the spring and summer. The real boss in the North Pacific High which is the major factor in propelling sails and kites much of the year.

Check out the “the boss” and its clockwise spinning winds in this imagery. Note how it extends from the Canada to Baja to Hawaii. Sorta dwarfs your other bosses huh?

And today if Benjamin’s Gorge forecast is right the boss is going to press high pressure air against the entire west coast. This should create a solid pressure gradient and strong winds from the Gorge to Jalama. The forecast is a bit tricky for the Gorge since the air mass is unstable and wet which makes it hard for the wind to stick to the surface. So sites further away from topography will probably be more reliable.