by Mike Godsey:  Baja daily human forecast

This is a shameless plug for a superior technology.

We at have been manufacturing weather stations for decades for ikitesurf, iwindsurf and sailflow for several decades.

Long ago we used with consumer stations like the ones you see in this first photo.

They were OK when we only had a few dozen stations but as our sensor network grew the high level of maintenance and short life span became untenable.

All the moving parts were prone to salt water corrosion, fishing lines, worn out bearings and vanes and cups broken off by birds etc. etc.

We then developed our ProNet sensors which were bullet proof and make up the backbone of our almost 1000 sensor professional sensor network. But those sensors were way to bulky and expensive for consumer use.

Our first consumer weather station was a tiny device that plugged into your smart phone and then sent wind information to the internet and all our ikitesurf and iwindsurf apps and web sites.

It is still available on Amazon. But it was not practical for a fixed weather station

After many years of prototypes and some amazing engineering Weatherflow developed a truly revolutionary sensor with no moving parts.

It is called the Tempest and measures many weather variables from wind to lightening to rain to humidity.

And it automatically sends all that information to all our maps and apps. And our Denver modeling and AI office is working on integrating the 40,000 installed Tempest sensors into computer modeling of wind.

With accessories from our partners it can also use that information to control everything in your home from heating/air conditioning to lights to irrigation.

The Tempest and the last several years it has been selling fast on Amazon and our own web site.

Now let’s get to the important stuff. More La Ventana and El Sargento sensors. These sensors are so easy to install and configure that they are appearing on local houses and most recently at Kitesurfing Planet at Rasta Beach.