By Mike Godsey

Weatherflow San Francisco Bay Area wind forecast by Mike Godsey

San Francisco Bay Area forecast at 11:30 AM: Looking at over a dozen cams about the Bay Area and at the satellite imagery we see an apocalyptic scene filled with reddish smoke intermingled with marine layer fog. Streetlights are still on at 11 AM and the freeways are clogged with car headlights.

If you are an air-breathing mammal you might want to preserve your lungs and take a pass on kiting or windsurfing today. Be aware that if you get into trouble offshore the Coast Guard is unlikely to be able to find you.

I am sticking to the current but with NE winds just aloft and the sun obstructed in most of the Central Valley do not expect reliable winds.

Previous forecast from 7AM. The Arctic air mass that brought our heatwave to a crashing halt in now bringing snow to Colorado.

Meanwhile, the cold front that brought all the strong offshore winds has produced a 400-mile wide low-pressure zone from Pt. Reyes to Mendocino.

The resulting S. to N. pressure gradient is creating light southerly winds along the coast and into the Central Bay. This flow has sent fog overlaid with smoke deep into the Bay.

The max pressure gradient is towards Napa and Sacramento so we see strong wind in the north tower to Larkspur to Vallejo to Benicia to Sherman Island zone as well as Treasure Island to Brooks Island. Fighting these southerly winds will be northerly wind at 1000 feet aloft coming down the Central Valley to expect UP AND DOWN winds that could fade fast.